Well…we have arrived….2012….the year of the end of the earth, according to the Mayan calendar.  Here is what I think ACTUALLY happened way back when…..









This seems a thousand times more plausible to me!  You?

Of course, there is also a threat of economic collapse….thrusting us back into a time reminiscent of The Great Depression.  My husband follows the news very closely…..Europe is in serious trouble, as is our supply of oil and so on.

Both of these things very well may happen, it’s true.  Although economic collapse is much more likely….

Both are scary.

But here is the thing….if they happen, they happen.  If they don’t, they don’t.

So as I advised in my Hurricane post….


And then get on with life.

I could very well be hit by a car today.

However right now in this moment…..I am healthily alive.

So what is my New Year’s Resolution……I could put a huge list down and then feel depressed come February because I fell off the wagon or I could keep one goal in my mind and try each moment to aim for that goal.

I want my life to be full of love, health and joy, don’t we all?

I believe the best way to achieve this is simply to be present in EACH moment….yes, even the stinky ones…like the one I am in right now.  Life is ever-changing and we can never know what lies ahead with any certainty.

We have each moment as the are presented to us.

Embrace those moments and you accrue your journey…your life.

My wish for each of you in 2012….

Slow down.


Be responsible for the energy you bring to people.

Be responsible for the energy you ALLOW people to bring to you.

Be present.


Stop fighting the current of your life.  If it’s passing you by…make the changes you need to.

Live, laugh, love, cry, yell, breathe and…..


It is the greatest gift you can bestow upon yourself and others.