Hello my friends….how are you, what’s new in your lives?

I have unilaterally decided, cuz that’s how I do things...he-he…that women are women’s worst enemy.

We love to blame men and the media, however, I firmly believe that the creating and fanning the flames of hatred-filled competition of women to women was initiated by none other than WOMEN!!  

Think about it…..men do not sit around the office on their coffee hour discussing who slept their way to the top….women do that and let’s be honest…men certainly didn’t create the possibility for that to even be an option for women.  The events more than likely looked like this…..

A bunch of women scoffing and insulting another woman (behind her back of course) who just received a noteworthy promotion.  A unknowing man happened upon this chattering interaction, which sounded like a swarm of hovering bees…. an inexplicable low-toned buzzing sound, which offered him no interest.  His ears stood in attention when he heard the words…..SHE SLEPT HER WAY TO THE TOP…..huh?? he says to himself…slept her way to the top?  Damn!  I wish I knew about that before….COOL!!!

Women created an environment where we could use our sexuality to get to the places our hearts desired.  We belittled each others abilities to what we could do in bed, rather than basing our abilities on our intelligence, creativity and strong organizational/multi-tasking skills.

Similarly, we created the force that the media now drives and dictates.  You don’t see men….well except for this one time that my friend Michele’s husband bought her anti-aging cream for her birthday(BIG mistake...Colossal Mistake….EPIC, really)…..don’t worry girls we straightened him out!!  Side note:  He didn’t buy it because he had noticed wrinkles or thought to himself…hey Michele is looking old lately…she needs anti-aging cream….NO…..the poor guy just heard Michele being distraught over some changes and figured she would just LOVE anti-aging cream for her birthday…..now, you know me….I can run with this side-note and create a very long, man-bashing, comical post about dumb men, BUT I am determined to stay on task!!  Back to the point….aside from our friend Steve, who is a very good gift giver now….he just needed a few pointers…he-he…it unlikely you are witness to a man buying beauty products.  Women, however, eat them up….we have shelves and shelves of miracle after miracle losing potency…just sitting in the shadows of our junk drawers…we cannot bring ourselves to toss them because we practically shelled out our life’s savings for the promise of a younger looking, better version of ourselves.

The media has discovered a goldmine in serving up dirt on a silver platter and WHO do you think is laying out the cash for the smut…..WOMEN….by and large it is women….yes this is a generalization, please refrain from sending me a nasty email because it JUST SO HAPPENS that YOUR husband buys all of the gossip magazines…sheesh….keep your panties on.

The point is, sadly,that women, have allowed the cycle.  We have the power to stop the madness and NO I am NOT suggesting we storm the gates and stop buying the things that make us feel good, at least…let’s not storm the gates until I have sprouted my long luscious Cindy Crawford legs and a mole beautifully and perfectly placed upon my face, as the direct result of using Meaningful Beauty products.  I am simply suggesting that we try to be kinder…a little softer, less judgmental and more understanding of ourselves and each other.

Stop begrudging each other, ladies!  


True story…..there is a women who I see once a week and through short interactions, I have learned a wealth of information….she is extremely insecure and struggling deeply with the process of aging and boy oh boy does she begrudge you if you show up looking all cute…heaven forbid!  She eyes you up and down and noticeably scowls at you. I would walk away feeling so badly, incessantly second-guessing myself…did I offend her somehow?  I had moments of just wanting to haul off and BITCH-SLAP her, jus’ saying 😉 ….I mean, truly…get a grip!

We need to become much more conscientious and diligent about guarding our thoughts…..

Watch your thoughts, for they become your words.
Watch your words, for they become your actions.
Watch your actions, for they become your habits.
Watch your habits, for they become your character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

If we, as women, spent as much energy as we do in our harsh judgement of others and transformed that energy into….

~taking the time to know one another 

~offering the benefit of doubt to one another  

~lending a non-judgemental ear to listen

~volunteering words of truth in kindness and genuine, compassion…..

Perhaps we might begin to create a more loving, accepting and tender environment, in which we can live our best lives being our best selves, sharing with each other our individual strengths and talents, while acquiring knowledge, support and compassion from each other to transform our areas of weakness.

Take a moment this week to catch yourself and your negative thoughts about another woman….offer a conversation, a kind word or just a hello WITHOUT the words of admonishment in your head over the outfit she has on or the fact that her kids face looks like it hasn’t been washed for a month.

In reality, we all do it…men, women, children (sadly)….WE JUDGE….and the truth about judgement is it serves ONE purpose and ONE purpose ONLY….it momentarily gives us a feeling of being okay or better than…we all crave this feeling, do we not?  However, it is awful that we embrace this feeling at the expense of another.

We all have “stuff” …..baggage…our job is to know our stuff, become familiar with it and work through it from a place of character building strength.  Our quick feeling of…yea me…I am better than her because….I WASH MY KID’S FACE EVERYDAY…so HUH….is a temporary fix.

I see the world my girls are growing up in and quite frankly, I could weep at the misery of it all….and yes teens are petty….the kink in the line is they are learning to be shallow and harsh of one another from the adults in their lives.  We have to be responsible with our words spoken in front of their impressionable minds.  Do as I say, not as I do is not a model that works.

Guard your thoughts and in the words of Ellen….”BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER!”