Oh how I miss you guys….miss writing!  The problem since becoming employed outside the home has been I have no time for my mindless, unsolicited advice, banter and babble….hehe.  I write best in the morning, preferably with a cup of tea in the mid to late morning. I started working in February and I just am so tired when I come home , my mind feels like it has been easily invaded and taken over by mush AND by the time my behind hits the couch, a chair, my bed I am just spent.  So my new posts and BELIEVE ME….I HAVE A BUNCH…will resume mid June!

Much to my dismay today I will repost an older blog…Second Location.  I have that gnawing whisper again…as soon I opened my eyes this morning.  I hope that none of you find yourself in a position to need this information, but I cannot shake the feeling that someone may.  So I will dutifully listen to my gut, my whisper, my intuition and repost……

As for the second location…last night I was channel surfing and caught a few minutes of Oprah’s Lifeclass.  She was speaking about the show she aired sometime in the 90’s with a special forces agent, who was addressing women and children (primarily) about the key element to increase your survival rate if attacked.

Ironically, it is one of her shows that has stayed ever-present with me since it aired and has saved countless women from being murdered immediately following brutal and horrific rapes and kidnappings.


We have discussed this here on TNM (the naked mom) often.  We MUST start listening and acting in accordance with our intuition, instead of worrying about being mean, rude or offensive.

The most important element the agent drove home was….DO NOT LET YOUR ATTACKER(s) TAKE YOU TO A SECOND LOCATION…..EVER!!  If you end up in the second location look for and take any and every opportunity to escape.


What I discovered last night is that the second location can simply be a different room or place AT the first location.  When I watched the show in the 90’s, I always assumed the second location was an entirely different placehow wrong I was… I learned last night that the second location could be the back room of the place of employment or a field beside the sidewalk, where you are first approached, the bathroom of your home or mall….the second location does not mean an entirely different place geographically.

The second place could be as simple as moving from a hallway to a room. I hope I am explaining this in a way you understand because it is EXTREMELY important. Some examples would be…you’re at work and an armed robber comes in the front, but soon orders you to the back room….the back room is your second location.  If someone broke into your home through your kitchen and forces you to the living room, bathroom or bedroom…the living room, bath or bedroom is your second location.

This was not my initial post for today, nevertheless, I got very little sleep last night, as I could not erase this topic from my mind.  My intuition was whispering to me and I had a choice to make…..

Do I listen?  Do I listen to the small, quiet voice telling me to blog about this or….

Do I ignore my gut?  Do I spend the night and day convincing myself that I am being dramatic, crazy or that I am overreacting?

I chose, obviously, to practice what I preach.  

I chose to listen to my instincts.

What I am asking of you today is….share this post….no, it is not my most eloquent, profound or well-written post, HOWEVER I am unable to “shake” the uneasy feeling of imperativeness that this post NEEDS to be read by someone or perhaps more than one. I am not trying to freak anyone out….it just feels crucial to me that people be given this information.

Always try to remain as calm as possible in a frightening situation.

Never allow yourself to be taken to the SECOND LOCATION (if you find yourself there….diligently look for your opportunity to escape).

Above all…..TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS, INTUITION, GUT….whatever you refer to it as…..TRUST IT AND LISTEN TO IT!

Be safe!