Hey guys!

My Random Acts of Kindness for lent is going well….little notes here and there, holding the door for people, giving up a prime parking spot, but there is one in particular that was pretty awesome.  I ran into the bookstore in search of this cookbook I wanted and as I scanned the shelves a woman was shown a book that she wanted by an employee, who answered every single one of the lady’s question with…uh…not sure or uh…no clue…..don’t even get me started….jus’ sayin’. 😉

I was pressed for time, but nothing that was super important or that couldn’t be done the next day…so a decision was to be made….scurry on my way or help the lady….LENT, LENT, LENT was echoing in my brain….and so I helped, slightly disgruntily, BUT HEY I CHOSE CORRECTLY…God, are you watching??!!

It morphed into me taking the lady around the store to find several books that might prove to be helpful for her.  She was on a mission to overhaul her eating habits and sedentary life.  A subject that I became very educated on beginning five years ago and continue to learn more and more.  Her name is Ruth and we ended up exchanging numbers because by the end of our 45 minutes together I felt vested in her journey and she felt relieved to have a number to call for a quick question should it come up…..can you say…COOL??!!

We never know how much we may be missing until we stop to take a breath from the daily madness of our scheduled lives and open ourselves to the discovery.


Made these yummy vegan treats tonight for dessert and they were so INCREDIBLY DELISH that you would absolutely NEVER know they were organic and vegan…I know because my pickiest of eater inhaled TWO!!!

Blackberry Cinnamon Rolls:

An occasional sweet treat is as good for the soul, as Random Acts of Kindness are…woot woot!!

Find the recipe HERE!