Well…this will be short, as I just got home from an interview and haven’t eaten a thing except lemon water, except, of course, if you count licking the little glob of chocolate that was leftover from Lord knows when on the kitchen counter….DON’T JUDGE ME!!

Anywho…I neglected to really look at the detox yesterday, so I am flying by the seat of my pants here….need to figure it all out today.

I remember, however from the one I did last year that you start and end each day with room temperature or warmer water with lemon squeezed in it, which aids digestion.

For the link of the detox I am trying  Click here.  Keep in mind that they are on week 2, as I am starting week 1.

I love this site, so even if you aren’t interested in detoxing…check it out here www.wholeliving.com

I did a detox through them last January as well, it was fairly simple and if you search detox 2011 on their site you can check it out!

So, I will be posting on my detox experience for the next 28 days…ugh!

Also….looking ahead…I am going to do a March Madness that will involve doing A Random Act of Kindness each day for the month of March.  Would love people to join me in that and share our ideas and reactions from people in the comment section.  I wish I was tech savvy, I would make a sign up thingy etc.  If anyone knows how I could organize that on the blog…shoot me an email!

Enjoy the day! 

Excuse me while I go eat my arm now….sheesh!