Wow!  I completely messed up the days last week…the kids were home from school on monday….threw me all off (not difficult to do by the way).

I any case, here is my Fab Friday….again probably not FABULOUS per se…but it’s my blog and so…well…there!

If you make one purchase this year…MAKE IT THIS…







YES!!  A waterpick…it doesn’t need to be this one…they range from $9.99 up through hundreds….we own a chargeable one and a plug in one….one was 16 bucks..the other was 30ish.  They can be purchased at grocery stores, walmart/target etc.

I love them.  I originally purchased one for Olivia when when she got her braces….it is such a pain in the neck to floss with the wires, so this works GREAT.  I bought the second one for Talia because it is such a pain FOR ME to floss HER TEETH!  SIGH.

I started using it too and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!  It is amazingly disgusting how much stuff brushing and flossing can leave behind…ewwww.

Also….healthy teeth and gums have been closely and strongly linked to healthy hearts. In particular, the gums.  You have to floss people….

Do it for your heart!

Do it for your mouth!

Do it for the people who are standing opposite you, smelling your breath!!!   Jus’ Sayin!

Enjoy Your Weekend!  By the way…I am starting a 21 day detox on Monday…would love it you guys joined me!  It isn’t a liquid-starve-yourself detox…it is more eat certain foods…cut out sugar etc.  I did it last year and felt great!