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Introducing Fab Fridays.….I will share something I think is simply Fab-u-lous!  Well I might not always think it’s FABULOUS, but it was the only thing that went with friday….so…..Fab Friday it is….woot woot!!!

This Fab Friday is also a great Christmas gift idea….or at least I think so.  Several years ago, when my oldest, Erin, who is about to be 22 graduated from 8th grade I began writing my children letters.

I would write them for 8th grade graduation, highschool graduation and a few years ago I began writing them on Christmas….I stick them in an envelope and place the envelope in the tree, I even did one for my husband last year.

I write all the things I am proud of, ranging from accomplishments to hurdles overcome to the qualities I admire and encouragement to hang in there if times are difficult at the moment.  Try as we may, parenting often becomes about “policing” and relationships get lost in the daily grind of our lives.  I, for one, always have the best intentions at heart, but I all too often talk to my children about what they are doing wrong…..sigh.

Graduations happen sporadically, however Christmas is once a year and affords us a wonderful opportunity to “say” lots of positive remarks to the ones that we love.

I often wonder if my children are keeping their letters, I hope that they are, but WHO KNOWS!!!!

In any case, this year, I will write my letter in a story book that I picked up for 5 bucks at Kohl’s….

YES…even my older kids will get this book…it will make a nice keepsake….they can read it to their children when they are 35….jus’ sayin!

I wish I had started doing this when they were younger, but later is better than never…right??!!

Husbands really like this gift too…btw!  My advice….

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL CHRISTMAS EVE to begin writing…last year I was up until 2am…..FIVE KIDS….ugh!!!

I am starting mine today….hopefully one a day!

Enjoy your day!

And start your letters!!