Hey everyone!  It has been a crazy week here….I can’t believe we are one week away from Christmas.  My schedule has been chock full of concerts, shopping, parties etc.  I don’t know about you guys, but this Christmas I have really had to minimize the Christmas shopping.  We are really feeling the pinch of the economy here…are you guys?

So what has been happening here at The Naked Mom?

I have my daughter’s Christmas concert this morning, so I will try to wrap this up quickly…ha!

I am all done with Christmas stuff, which is a huge PLUS since today I begin my STRIKE…yep you heard me…STRIKE!  No dinners, no lunches, no chauffeur service…have fun kids and hubby!  I await your humble-grovel-like apologies with bated breath!!

I was on a mad-man like hunt for this dang huge nylon frisbee thing that I could not find anywhere…posted a pleading cry for help to FB and now I have FIVE….hehe!!  Guess what every little person is getting from me this year as a bonus feature gift…HA!!  I love FB…thanks again Stacy!!

So how did I end up with FIVE, you inquire??

I bought three online as a result of the ingenious goggle searching of my dear friend Stacy.


Because what if one doesn’t get here in time….and you know one will definitely get lost  in the transit AND ONE will be confiscated by the UPS guy, who has been on the same mind-killing frantic search as me…DUH!!

The last TWO I picked up from the VERY SWEET assistant manager at 5 Below, where I initially saw the DANG HUGE FLYING DISC THINGY, he spent 3 DAYS scouring his back room for old summer stock, after I animatedly revealed my heart-wrenching story about THIS DUMB FLYING THING (the ONE thing Talia kept telling the man in red that she wanted)…yes she wants an embellished DOG TOYHEEELLLLOOOO TAL…ever hear of AMERICAN GIRL DOLL…sheesh!?

In any case, back to my sweet assistant manager, he spent days rummaging through their stock room and called me….oh about TWO SECONDS AFTER I purchased THREE ONLINE….. and exclaimed with breathy EXCITEMENT that he had UNEARTHED TWO….yep TWO.…now how could I NOT go and buy them from the man, the man who SAVED my ass from having to reveal to my LAST AND YOUNGEST child that Santa DOESN’T ACTUALLY EXIST, that he is , in fact, merely your SCHMUCKY mom and dad, who STINK at finding HUGE NYLONY FLYING DISC THINGYS!!??

Thank you Mr. 5 Below…..your Karma is good and clean now, for sure!!

I also, desperately wanted to take the girls into NYC to see the tree and the decorated windows, but funds were tight, but with perseverance, I discovered, with my wonderful friend Nicole, that you CAN do the city on a budget.  Here’s how….

Pack lunches.

Drive in with a friend (I did gas and tolls, she did parking and we split a 6 dollar cab ride).

We each spent about 30 dollars…not bad, considering that if I had taken the train…you know the way the higher-ups are ENCOURAGING everyone to go…mass transportation…it would have cost me 80 dollars just for train fare….WHAT!!   Dear Powers That Be, if you want the general population to use mass transportation….MAKE IT AFFORDABLE!!!!  Jus’ Sayin!

Our Adventure in pics…..

On our way to get Nicole and Liam….







We’re HERE!! (did someone say DIAMONDS!!??)  









Attempting to get a group shot, but Talia wouldn’t STOP walking…sigh.









The tree and the skaters….pretty, pretty.







The GRINCH, who in true Grinch-like fashion DEMANDED a TIP for a picture taken with OUR OWN camera….sheesh!!  









The windows were gorgeous, sorry no pictures!    

And last, but not least a quick stop at….


The day ended with lots of smiles…..

We found our parking garage EASILY and hopped right into the tunnel.  There were NO MAJOR meltdowns and the day went off without a hitch, except for missing our EXIT and DRIVING 30 MINUTES OUT OF OUR WAY on the ride home, BUT thanks to….









GINORMOUS lollipops and a small ration of sweets for the older girls….ALL WAS WELL!!!


NYC on a budget!!  Thanks Nicole for coming with me….do you think our hubbies will get the Cartier hint….HA!!

Off to a concert!!

Enjoy your day!!