Some more quotes from Talia, who now speaks with some strange un-identifiable accent…..

This morning we were running for the bus, which came EIGHT MINUTES TOO EARLY….sheesh….pick your time peeps!!  We ran out the door to the end of the driveway….me, desperately attempting to jam her lunch and water bottle into her bag and zip it back up….a line of cars forming behind the bus (we live on a county road that serves as a short cut from route 31 traffic)…I am sure those people were ever SO PLEASED with me…ha!  We reach the bus…I try to kiss her goodbye…she brushes me away and says….

“Mom, there is no time for super-dee-dup-dup-duper day kisses and I think my nose is going to bleed from all of this rushing”….HUH!!??

I get the no time for super stuff….I say it to her each morning before she gets on the bus, BUT what the heck is she talking about with the nose-bleed….sigh.

Two other quotes of hers lately are:

When you tell her you love her…she replies with a higher pitched voice donning a mix between a british and chinese accent…..

“Why thank you very much.”

The other comes out of the blue…say when you’re watching a show with her or other completely RANDOM times….she pats your head or rubs your shoulder, looks you in the eye and says (again with that same weird dialect)….

“You’re a good one….uh huh, yep, you’re a good one.”

Have a great weekend everyone!  And remember…..

“You’re a good one….uh huh, yep, you’re a good one.”