I am thankful for the beauty accessible to me everyday, if I simply pause and take a moment to notice.

The sunsets and sunrises are breathtakingly gorgeous lately, emblazoned terra sunrises…

and impassioned rose and azure fairy-flossed skies in the evening…..

or it may be, and likely more probable, that they are, in fact, ALWAYS gorgeous and I have simply begun to revere their beauty.

We have talked previously about necessary transformation of evolving to conscious living….conscious to ourselves, conscious to our lives and conscious to our surroundings.  I have been purposeful in this endeavor and have become extremely cognizant of the beauty beholden in the rise and fall of our sun, a contiguous result of my desire to be consciously alive.

If only I could metamorphose into an early riser to fully enjoy the sunrise as a refreshing and thoughtful way to start each day.  Open to any suggestions on transforming from a non-morning person to a morning person???

So much for wordless….sigh.

Enjoy your day…take a moment later to experience the sunset!