Today I am thankful for the privilege of sharing in my family’s joy….I learned today that my niece took her first steps…woowoot!!

So this monday is more of a long challenge instead of the weekly one.  I received an email form my FIL (it was a forward) and for once…I generally am not a fan of forwrds…I really appreciated the message and feel it worthwhile enough to make it a CHALLENGE!!

The basic message is this…BUY, SUPPORT and PERPETUATE American-made products, services and business.   I mean …really…do any of us NEED another cheap made in China thing?!!

I realize this may be difficult when gift-giving for children, HOWEVER for the adults on your list try some of these on for size…..

1.Gift cards to local businesses or frequented businesses…such as: salons, barbers, car wash/detailer etc.

2. Big spender?  How about a gym membership?

3. Pay for services for a set amount of time….lawn mowing, one day spring cleaning, windows washed, winter drive-way plowing etc.

4. How about a gift card to a spa for the overworked or a game of golf at a local course?

5. Restaurant gift cards for dinner or for several breakfasts at the local mom and pop, not the chain local people trying to hang on to their business.

6.  Oil changes for the car.

7.  Buy from local artisans…hand knitted scarfs, hand-made pottery pieces etc.

8.  Tickets to a local theater for a play.

9.  Make a donationin the name of the person you are buying a gift for…perhaps they have a favorite charity….GREAT ONE!!

Do we really need to fill our lives up with more c….r….a…..p?

I think not.  


SUPPORT OUR NEIGHBORS!! (was trying to make this white, but it won’t work for obvious reasong…hehe) 


Will you take the challenge??

Please share this post and invite your friends and family to join.

Please feel free to add any more ideas of gift-giving ‘out-of-the-box’ in the comment section!!

ENJOY this gorgeous day!