Well, it certainly has been a whirlwind of a week for everyone!

Hopefully MOST everyone has had power restored.

Today I am thankful for those simply divine moments…the unexpected moments that you remember forever…..slightly odd, but all the sweeter!

Here is a short recap of Halloween and the moments I am referring too….

We had a super-hero and two scholastics  😉 !!

Below is a picture of our trick or treat group….

This was one of those sweet unexpected moments, as the french fries in the middle is a dear friend of my daughter Olivia, who has been battling a rare and aggressive brain tumor for the last year. She joined us unexpectedly for trick or treat!  Love you Hay!!

The other moment…the bizarre, sweet one was this…

Saturday, the day of the infamous October Snow Storm that left NJ, PA and Conn reeling in its wake was my SIL(sister in law’s) birthday.  As a result of the storm her children were unable to come home, as planned, from visiting their dad.

Pathetically Becky, my SIL, spent her birthday curled up on her couch...ALONE, WITHOUT POWER….IN COMPLETE DARKNESS listening to the breaking branches fall outside!  HOW AWFUL!!

The next day, I threw an impromptu birthday celebration.  Dan and I had a clambake….ha…try that on for size…an indoor clambake in the wake of a weird snowstorm in October….so the celebration consisted of CAKE!  A quick birthday serenade, blowing out of the candles and a hunk of chocolate on chocolate cake before the kids had to hit bed….it was a school night after all…or at least we thought it was a school night!

 Sidenote: I did bake the cake and the frosting from scratch….jus’ sayin.’

As a result of the storm, Olivia was babysitting my friend Lori’s two little guys at our house AND my friend Michele was over for showers and homework for her family, she has triplet boys and a 6-year-old boy.

In any case, all of these worlds collided and the picture captures Becky’s guests at her celebration!  All people she knows, however are more my friends…lol!  We were all laughing at the peculiar and perplexing mix of guests, but somehow it made it all the sweeter!

I love these moments….the ones that you could not have imagined!  The ones where you are faced with a choice of making the best of it or moping around about it!

Often if we choose to make the best of it….the very peculiarity of the experience transforms itself into one of our most cherished memories and every now and then are the moments that teach us our greatest lessons.

Lesson learned:  Where there is empathy, kindness and love….only joy can rise!

We were a motley crew…..most in need of showers..some from the absence of power and some from wreaking like a clambake….others were cranky as a result of school assignments needing finishing and spirits for some were a little downtrodden.  Upon leaving however…..all wore smiles and were robustly laughing.

We carved a slice of joy for ourselves in the oddest of circumstances!

Be aware and cognizant of opportunities in your life seemingly undesirable for they may, if you allow it, metamorphose into a delicious morsel of joy to savour for a lifetime.

Remember….FALL BACK….daylight savings this weekend!!

Enjoy you day!