Tis the season of Thankfulness!  I meant to post this on monday for the weekly challenge, but was sidetracked with all of the my kids home from school due to the power outage.  So forgive me that I am posting on Wordless Wednesday, but I don’t want to miss another day of this Challenge.

I love Thanksgiving!  It is my most favorite Holiday.  It is about spending time with loved ones and being thankful…no fuss, no muss!

Last year on FB, I posted something I was Thankful for each day until Thanksgiving.  I remember it helped to alter my mind-set.

I know right now in NJ, PA and CONN it may be a little difficult to muster up a healthy dose of Thankfulness being a large portion of the above mentioned states have been without power since saturday, HOWEVER….there are still many things to be thankful for in our lives, of this I am sure.

Join me from today until Thanksgiving….

Post something you are thankful for each day here at The Naked Mom in the comment section.  Spread the word and the sentiment.  Get people to join you on FB and write a thankful sentiment as your FB status.

I offer  those without power a shower, a meal or a cup of tea….just drop in!

Today I am thankful that we are blessed with power and for the privilege of helping those without.

As always…Enjoy your day!