If any of my male readers clicked on this post to investigate whether or not it was truly about dry skin or just a clever title…it is in fact about dry skin, BUT before you click the X button….know this…women like a man with nice skin….however, we DO NOT wish to WITNESS or be INFORMED about your skin-care regimen.   Knowing ruins the fantasy-like illusion of your glowing dew-like complexion of angelic proportions if the realization or image of our very manly man scrubbing his face and applying product comes into our brains!  Much like your desire to not be privy to the reality that we just had our bff remove a foot long hair from our cheek….jus’ sayin.’

In any case….the skin-care market is booming…..is it not?  I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me the overwhelming amounts of information and product choices in this area left me paralyzed to do ANYTHING!!  I mean…. how is a girl to choose between Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty, which by using would most definitely leave you sprouting long luscious legs and a mole beautifully placed on your face and…. say…. Heidi Klum’s In An Instant leaving you blond, chocolate-eyed and sun-kissed??

So I did what most women do….NOTHING!!!  For ten years….my ENTIRE 30’s….. I did nothing to try to preserve what good my skin still ascertained and NOTHING to aid in the prevention my epidermis’ deterioration….sigh! 

Two years ago, 6 of my girlfriends and I went on a spa weekend to the Hershey Spa….I highly recommend girls’ get-aways, by the way…good for your soul!!  In any case, I signed up for my first facial and was MORTIFIED at the amount of BLACKHEADS my poor, unsuspecting esthetitician was POP…POP…POPPING on my face…..EWWWW…GAROOSSSS!!!  They eloquently refer to this as…. extractions.

My sweet, soft-spoken esthetician cajoled me…“it’s not so bad.”  UGH!!  I rambled in my in-your-face-italian-way about how I don’t know what to do…so…I do nothing!!  She delicately suggested that I simply use a warm washcloth on my face before I go to bed each night.  And for one year I did as she suggested.

Now don’t get my wrong…I washed my face each morning in the shower with your ordinary soap and the same at night, however, I didn’t do much else…I applied over-the-counter body lotion on my face after each shower the same way I do to my body, as I had done since I was a teen, but I didn’t use any product geared specifically toward the face.

The following year, on the same weekend, the girls and I ventured again to Hershey and again I booked a facial.   To my great joy….ONLY FOUR EXTRACTIONS…FOUR…the year before it was something like FIFTY-TWO…NO LIE!!  

Progress….I was making progress…yay me!! 

This esthetician informed me that the women who seem to have the healthiest skin used Avon and Oil of Olay!!  


And so I set out on a search for a manageable skin-care regimen for myself.

I also need to squeeze in here that last November, I encountered DRY SKIN!!  

All-over-want-to-remove-all-layers-of-epidermis-on-every-square-inch-of-your-body-with-your-bare-hands DRY SKIN!!  

I will spare you the gory details of the torture I endured and the amount of cash I laid down on products that offered ZERO relief.  I will also spare you the knowledge that I used my hubby’s “secret weapon” to itch his back…. which I have spent countless hours teasing him about….well…. no…. I won’t spare you….introducing…..the best scratcher on the market….

BEHOLD….BEA…as my hubby so lovingly named her!

Yep…an ordinary household scrub brush on a long handle…and YES IT WAS NEW!!!  Secretly, I would spend hours scrubbing my skin raw to experience a moment of satisfaction as only the way that scratching an itch can deliver.

Finally, I discovered relief and a skin-care regimen.  It varies slightly with the season, but here it is…

My morning routine…..

Okay….so I LOVE THESE products!  And the nice part is they can all be found in your grocery/pharmacy easily.  Woot woot!

~I use Lever 2000 everyday in the shower year round on my stinky parts….my feet, my pits and my privates…let’s face it you need to keep these clean peeps!!

~I use Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Scrub on my face everyday year round.  I love this product…it has a nice mentholated feeling.  It is an exfoliator, so if your skin is sensitive use it a couple of times a week instead of everyday.

~I use Ambi Foaming Cleanser on my face to remove all of the crap the exfoliator just loosened up….IMPORTANT STEP!!

~For my body I mix a little of the Neutrogena Calming Body Wash with Cetaphil Restoring Body Wash on a mesh pouf sponge.  The Neutrogena really calms and moisturizes, however it doesn’t suds up, which is why I add the Cetaphil which also moisturizes AND creates a sudsy, foamy wash!!

~ When I am all finished and before I get dressed I apply Cetaphil Lotion (not pictured) in the Spring and Summer months and Eucirin Calming Cream in the Fall and Winter or whenever my skin is dry.

~For my face I apply Oil of Olay Definity Eye Illuminator (don’t think it really does anything, but it feels really nice around my eyes) and Oil of Olay Regenerist UV Defense SPF 15.

Phew…done.   I chose Oil of Olay because you can get it anywhere, however I heard super feedback on the Avon line, as well.  Oil of Olay has a website where you can answer questions about your skin and it will come up with a gazillion products to use…I just chose a cleanser and moisturizers from the large group.

Here is my night-time regimen….

A lot of this depends on my mood AND my level of exhaustion!

I included a picture of the Cetaphil lotion just so you would know what you were looking for if you were interested.  I only use lotion at night if my skin is crazy dry…I hate feeling slimy when I go to bed…yep…I have issues!!  

~So…anywho…if I am really tired I use a really warm washcloth…I hold it on my face to let the heat loosen the dirt and then I gently scrub my face with it….HA…me gentle…yea right, but that’s how you’re SUPPOSED to do it!!  My poor self is going to awaken one morning with my facial skin GONE from the harsh scouring and discover a mere skeleton terrifyingly staring at itself!  Sigh.  Then I slather on some facial moisturizer and call it a night.

~When I am not exhausted I use the washcloth, primarily because it feels really, really luxuriously good…truly!  Then I use Oil of Olay Total Effects Revitalizing Foam Cleanser.

~During the mild months, I then apply the same eye cream as in the morning and either Olay Definity Restorative Night Cream OR Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream.

~ In the Fall and Winter I use Clarins HydroQuench Moisturizer-small blue one on the right (this one is pricey…Fifty bucks and can be found at Sephora, BUT it does last me the whole two seasons and really helps!!)

~ The Reddish bottle in the picture is Olay Regenerist Night Resurfacing Elixir….I just thought I would try it…you wear it before your night-time moisturizer….feels good, but not worth the money in terms of results!

So there you have it.  Remember, I began with just a washcloth and some warm water!

I have given up on the notion or hope that I will be miraculously transformed into a model beauty, besides…they are mostly AIRBRUSHED anyway and have decided to care for what I was given in a way that makes me feel good, healthy and proactive without breaking the bank!

Enjoy your weekend….rumors of snow are fluttering about for the NorthEast….I am not keen on the thought of a white Halloween!

I actually am wondering if we have ever had a white Halloween….GOOGLE….be right back!  

I am back….according to Google…no snow on Halloween in the NorthEast….however Middle Eastern states have had snow on Halloween….

Enjoy your weekend and have a safe and spooky Halloween!!!