Confession….I strongly dislike doing crafts!  

Don’t like it one little bit!

Of course, being that God has a sense of humor, He made my last and final child…..A CHILD WHO LOVES CRAFTS!!  Ugh!  I can’t get this kid to play with Barbies, Lil Pet Shops….she loves crafts!!

Because I love my child WHO loves crafts, I sucked it up and constructed a Haunted House from Foamies….sheesh!

Who designs these things…clearly someone who DOES NOT sit  down and build them with a child…that’s who!!   There was NO instructions…ZERO, ZILCH, NADA…simply follow the picture...huh!!??

Follow the NON-3D picture to construct a 3D Haunted House….GREAT!!

Have I ever mentioned how much I not only dislike crafts, but maps, as well,  I also have ZERO capacity to decipher a map!!  It’s true…so looking at a FLAT photograph of a CRAFT is like…..well….you might as well have someone instruct me how to build it while speaking in Japanese….good times, people, good times!

After much frustration, which I desperately tried to keep hidden from Tal….we completed The Haunted House….


And this photo below shows why I do things that I despise!!!

Look at that smile!

Enjoy your day!