My father-in-law recently sent me a link..    He often hears me complaining about my 3 girls who are still at home and the amount of technology-based homework they have to do each night…even my first grader.  I strongly dislike this!  I think this school is onto something, leading their students in the properly balanced direction of their futures!

Am I anti-technology?  Nope!  

I just feel the need is over emphasized.  A computer class…ok!  Papers written and sent via email, reading assignments online, text books online….come on….unnecessarily tips our balance scales and I will go out on a limb here and say it is counter-productive.

Our youth, especially in today’s age with all of the advanced technology….cell phones, iPads, laptops etc….need to get back to the basics.  They are ill-equipped in interpersonal skills and our country will eventually pay a high price.  I am not saying there is NO place for it within our schools and education, however I am a firm believer that when you tip the scale (any scale) heavy in one direction, the result is never positive.  Think about it…being overweight=unhealthy, but so is being underweight.  Excercise done excessively can cause injury and may be a sign of something emotionally unbalanced, the flip side of not being active at all wreaks havoc on our health.  Life is about balance!

Balance, Balance, Balance!  

Perhaps I am in the minority here, nevertheless, I am strongly averse to seeing my children constantly in front of a screen….ugh!  I am even more incensed when I ask them to get off the computer and they respond with…“it’s for homework.”  Of course, I always CONFIRM such claims….I am not dumb here….and to my dismay discover the statement’s validity.

Too much of a good thing does not equal good…it is quite the opposite…too much of a good thing turns sour!

Unnerved is the best word I  find to describe how I feel when my 6-year-old is reading a book ONLINE for homework…what the heck!?

Our culture needs perspective and a lesson on BALANCE!!  In my opinion…..jus’ sayin.’

I don’t know about any of you, but I want my children to have the knowledge of technology,BUT above all else,  I desire my children to be a master of engaging in conversation, problem solving, shaking a hand and making eye contact, spending time outside, being active….personable.


Spend one hour less each day this week on your phone, computer, iPad etc.  

Step outside, if only for a breath of fresh air.

Phone a friend and set up a lunch date or meet for coffee, agreeing to turn off your phones.

Get back to the basics.

Find your BALANCE!

Hope you enjoy this crisp Fall day!