When I was growing up my favorite season was always Summer, for all of the obvious reasons…..no school, beach, sun, free time with no schedules.  As I have gotten older, while I still love Summer, Fall has become my new favorite season.  The vibrant colors, crisp air, the scent of Fall, sweaters, jeans, Fall boots, gorgeous days and chilly nights to snuggle under blankets.  I love Fall activities also….pumpkin picking, apple picking….fun family-friendly activities which do no involve freezing your butt off or sweating your butt off!

Fall is……

PAUSE….insert sound of needle scratching across a 33 record here!

I CANNOT for the life of me concentrate and continue to write eloquently about the season of Fall with one of my precious-too-many-daughters CATERWAULING from the bathroom, which means….heaven forbid…. that a spider is occupying the same room as her.  You all are familiar with the fact that I am terrified of snakes….completely rational by the way…but spiders…I mean…come on…I get it they’re gross and a  ‘lil creepy HOWEVER I have yet to see a spider CONSUME anything larger than itself.  A snake though….I mean for Pete’s Sake…it is entirely plausible and HIGHLY probable that a snake could ACTUALLY DEVOUR a human….without even CHEWING….jus’ sayin’!!!!  In any case, I have been trying to ignore her ear-piercing, spine-seeking shrillness to no avail….I must rescue the princess from the dreaded spider, a job usually preformed by her younger sister, who is already in bed…rrrrr.

Be right Back!!

Okay, spider problem resolved and for some uncanny reason, I no longer feel like writing about Fall….so I will save this to a draft and hopefully resume in the morning!

Good Night!

Wednesday morning…..NOPE...not happening…Fall is gone!

And I am going to be late for my eye appointment….ugh!  Let’s just dig around in my eye a LITTLE bit more!!

So I wish you all peace…and by peace I mean ACTUAL, AUTHENTIC peace, as in quiet, as in peaceful quietness…as in no kid noise, as in the PEACE that Lisa will mostly likely NEVER encounter because she thought it would be FUN to have five kids and it would be so nice for them as they grew up to have each other, BUT no…all they do is fight and drive me batty with their incessant needs and wants and complaints…I need this…I want that….how come you took her here….why do you ALWAYS take her side….




Nevertheless, my friends I wish for you peace because I am ever so loving and giving that way.

Do enjoy your PEACE and think of me and as you picture me bring forth the image of the movie Parenthood with Steve Martin…the scene when the pet frog escapes at the breakfast talble…yep that’s the one….welcome to my world!  But to you…peace!  🙂