One of our favorite family past times to do this Fall has been to go apple picking.  So Fun!  I never realized what a difference there is between an apple that has not been treated fresh from the tree and that which you buy at the grocery store…even the organic ones.  I am not a huge apple fan….however they have become my fave snack, as a result of  our apple picking!  My new faves are Winesaps and Mutsu, which I never even knew existed, it is a cross between a Granny Smith and a Golden delicious…nice and crispy with a little tartness…YUMMO!!

We go every couple of weeks and pick a 20 pound bag.  I make apple pies and crisps and then leave the rest for snacking.

Apples are a great source in clearing cholesterol from your body, by the way.

Cholesterol only attaches itself to soluble fiber and apples are soluble fiber so munch away!!

Pictures from our apple adventures……













Add Apple picking to your Fall list before mean ‘ole Mr. Winter settles in!

Enjoy your day!!