Often times the daily “wear and tea” of our lives leave us feeling depleted, sapped of energy and sluggish.  This week, take a quick look at your life….the dailies of your life.

Name ONE thing that brings you joy or a feeling of fulfillment/contentment…..reading, walking, painting, writing, meditating, food (make it healthy…your favorite fruit) etc.

Incorporate your named choice into your DAILY life…even if you can only spare 2 minutes…..DO IT!!

The slightest daily reprieve from the grind in engaging in a small individual joy, WILL make a difference.

Once you have incorporated it into your life…increase the time or add another small increment of some other joy!

Enhance your life with joy and contentment….we only get one life…..

And what is life without joy??

Good Luck!!

Pass it on!