I just received the most wonderful 30 minutes of blissful massage EVER!!!  The kind that compels you to inquire if Mr. Masseuse could possibly be folded up andtake up residence in your back pocket to be at your beck and massage call for the rest of your ENTIRE life.

So good…you would move Mr. Masseuse and his large extended family into your home and give up your very comfortable bed and food and television and computer and ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING he desires, if he would just massage me every evening….sigh.

There is NOTHING….AND I DO MEAN NOTHING in the world that rivals a good massage….not Godiva Chocolate, not Ryan Gosling in all his romantic sexy glory, not EVEN….well nevermind.   And this one was BEYOND commendable…as in a small man with all of his weight bearing down with his elbow on my aching back….the kind that transmits tendrils of pain…BUT GOOD PAIN….all over your back and neck.   The kind that turns you to jelly and turns your brain into a mushy, cloudy, hazy daze.  The kind that quite possibly elicits your profession of undying love for eternity to Mr. Masseuse.   The kind that has you seriously contemplating kidnapping….or should I say masseuse-napping…which I am surprised at the low rate of this crime…masseuse-napping….you would think it would be the fastest growing crime in America!  In any event…..it was a sky parting and angels singing kinda massage.

I love you Mr. Masseuse.  I really REALLY LOVE you!