Do you know your numbers??  Meaning cholesterol, glucose etc.  YOU SHOULD!!  I started getting yearly physicals about 3 years ago and was shocked to discover that, even though, I was exercising regularly, eating a TON of fruits and veggies, getting enough sleep and minimizing stress….my cholesterol was high.   WHAT??!!    You see there is only so much we can DO and then it is up to genetics...thanks mom and dad!  You want to talk about an unhealthy emotional spiral into a black abyss…sheesh!  The cholesterol threw me for a serious loop.  How do everything “right” and still have a potentially serious health issue.

Truly, if we don’t have our health…well you know how the saying goes, but it really is accurate.  Most of us take our health for granted until we come face to face with a crisis.

Upon the unearthing of my cholesterol…I was all.….whoa is me and what’s the point and if it makes no difference whether you do things the “right” way……waa waa waaaaaa!!  And so…I drowned out my lamentable vitality with several boxes of hydrogenated oil….a.k.a. the double stuff Oreo cookie….after all, if eating a well-balanced healthy diet was fruitless, then why not enjoy my certain health demise with some yummy-bad-for-you-goodness wrapped in a chocolate sandwhich cookie with loads of white goo in the middle……made perfect sense at the time!

Eventually, I yanked myself up by the proverbial bootstraps and got on with things.  I resumed my lifestyle of nutrition and exercise AND ADDED oatmeal and omega 3 vitamins.  My cholesterol was in normal range when the time came for my 6 month follow-up ….YAY ME!!

Do you know your numbers??  

 Call today and schedule a physical!

No matter how young or old you may be.  I know many people procrastinate because they are afraid or just too busy,  knowing your numbers allows you to remedy a hazard…not knowing doesn’t make the numbers less valid, not knowing incapacitates you from a position of control in the path of your own health, the single most important attribute of our lives as humans.


Know your numbers!!

NOTHING is more exigent!!!

Gorgeous day out!  Enjoy!