What a great weekend for soup and apple desserts!

We ate Italian Wedding soup and apple crisp all weekend long.

Talia, Dan and Will went on a creek adventure and, aside, from one minor hand injury for Talia….. they had a really fun time!

Olivia spent most of the weekend in bed with some weird flu-like virus and Ryleigh spent the night at a new friend’s house, who OF COURSE lives in Timbuktu…sigh!  

I spent Sunday CLEANING and DISINFECTING!!  Yay Me!!

As I write…. Dan, Talia and Will are whittling flutes out of bamboo.  Yes, I did in fact just say whittling flutes from BAMBOO!!  They actually work….I would post a picture, BUT my camera battery is DEAD and my charger has gone MISSING…sheesh!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend…hopefully this humidity will go away and we will enjoy some nice Fall weather this week!