Talia is quite an original character…..

I thought I would share some quotes from her….

I was teaching her to skip-it…you know the thing with the loop on one end that fits over your foot and then you spin it and jump over the the thing at the other end with your other foot….got it…the thing in the thing with the thing….lol.  In any event, I was giving instructions and she finally got the knack and asked me if I could skip-it…

me:  “of course I can skip-it!”

Tal:   “show me.”

me:   “okay.”   I begin skippin-it like NOBODY’S business EXCEPT….I forgot how vital socks are….OUCH.

me:    “ouch, this thingy is really hurting my ankle.”

Tal:    “Phish….mom…you know that’s because you’re really old….right?”  She said this with an impishly smug smirk.

One day last week the schools had a delayed opening.  As a result, Talia was awake when the older girls were getting on the bus.  When the bus left she came in the house dramatically, fake, sobbing…..rubbing eyes, snif-sniffing all the way.  I swear put Talia on a stage and call it a day!

me:   “what the heck is wrong with you?”  I am sensitive like that.

Talia:    “they’re growing up so fast.”  At which point, she released a loud wail and threw herself to the ground in pretend agony….sheesh!

One of Tali’s favorite games is Scrabble…she hoards the big point letters and strategically places them upon triple word score spaces.   She almost always beats me….for real with words like quit on a triple letter or word score.  One time she told me she needed a new opponent because…..   “you are too old to give me a good game, mom!”   Can you say….WHACK…upside the back of her cute lil’ head….KIDDING..I didn’t REALLY whack…I just “mind-whacked” her…hehe!

Her famous quote from last year is back, as well….. “how many more days of school ’til I get a day OFF??”  Poor bunny, she’s so tired.

Hope you enjoy your weekend….we are going to see The Lion King 3-D….   “cuz you just HAVE to do it!”