Dear All of You,

Lol….Five names gets to be a lot!

As the new school year is under way, I have 2 children in college and wish them the very best as they forge their own way through the adult education part of their life’s journey.  Yes, I will still drive you your forgotten notes for the paper that is due in FIVE hours…even though, I asked you countless times if you had EVERYTHING you needed BEFORE you left the house…sheesh, BUT that is where I draw the line!

As for my three daughters still at home…freshman in HS, 8th grade and 1st grade, here is my promise to you….

I promise to keep reminding you…no NOT NAG, well maybe a little…the value of a great education.

I promise to encourage you to challenge yourself beyond your own self-doubt and reservations, however, I will NOT PRESSURE you to be something other than what you are academically.

I promise to work with your teachers in creating the best environment in which you will thrive and blossom, both academically and socially.

I promise to let you fail and succeed.

I promise to instill in you the confidence of picking yourself up, brushing yourself off and trying again after a failure.

I promise to celebrate and rejoice in all of your achievements.

I promise to remain cognizant of the fact that you are you, NOT ME…. I must realize your dreams may differ for the ones I desire for you and respect your individuality.

I promise to bake you warm chocolate chip cookies when the going gets tough.

I promise to tell you how much I love you and squeeze you tight.

I promise to teach you to respect diversity, to embrace and learn from it, rather than fear it.

I promise to teach you to stand up for yourself and others…. to live life with passion and compassion.

Above all, I promise to be your soft place to land, give you unconditional love and cultivate a place in our home, and within yourself, to one day emerge as the resplendently-exquisite-magnificent version of you that you already inhabit and continue to evolve into, as you walk your life’s path.

I love you guys!