Don’t you just love those dreams so indeterminately vivid and real that it jolts you abruptly into consciousness shocking your system into an overactive alertness, where you heart is racing at the speed of light and your adrenalin is coursing through your body rendering you incapable to fall back into sweet slumber….sigh?  I woke with a start, at what I was convinced, was the honking of the bus outside my house.  PANIC….of course, because I IMMENSELY DISLIKE having to drive my kids to school when they miss the dang bus!

As a result, my brain and body were on full alert, ready to single-handedly chase down the bus, while carrying my teenaged daughter (who is the same size as myself) in one arm and stuff her face with breakfast followed by a breath mint chaser with the other!!  As I readied myself for the task at hand, I noticed my hubby laying in bed sound asleep.  Hmmmmm.  He is always, without fail, the first one up….so I checked the clock…..ONE, FORTY-SIX…..WHAT!!!!???  1:46, as in 1:46 A.M.?????!!!!!  CRAP! 

Since school started, I have been imagining alarm clocks, buses honking and phones ringing….oh the delirium of joy the dulset tones evoke within my heart and mind!


Have a great day!