Watching all of the coverage on 9/11 was difficult…wasn’t it?   Such tragic loss and devastation.  I  am not able to imagine the emotional turmoil the anniversary of such evil must evoke in people who lost a loved one in such a loathsome and hateful scheme of annihilation.  My heart sinks in sadness and despair and I did not know anyone, personally, who perished on that catastrophic day.

As a result, my mind twisted my thoughts to mission statements…..refrain from asking me HOW…as I am helpless in deciphering how my poor little brain works….sigh.  In any case…mission statement.…I was contemplating the fact that most organizations…..businesses, churches, schools etc….put forth great effort in declaring a Mission Statement.  The definition of a mission statement according to Webster’s is an official statement of the aims and objectives of a business or organization.  

I have unilaterally adjudicated….cuz’ that’s how I roll…. that we should ALL institute OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL Mission Statements for our lives!  I mean what the heck!!??  We only are granted ONE life…ONEno do-overs.  I guess a mission statement resembles a life philosophy, however is slightly more indicative to the direction we desire our life’s path/journey to follow.

Do you have a mission statement for your life?

I don’t, but am feverishly laboring…..kidding…kinda…well not really…I ACTUALLY AM feverishly laboring (so I’m a LITTLE BIT NEUROTIC….big friggin’ deal)….. to manufacture MY MISSION STATEMENT….LOL!

I am working backwards.  SURPRISE, SURPRISE...I know.  What I mean is I am visualizing myself on my death-bed, how uplifting and pleasant….sigh… YES,I realize I need serious help, but that is besides the point!  I figure if I imagine my life’s end and can fashion a probable answer to some questions….what will I have wanted to accomplish…what will make me feel that I led a fulfilling life….that these answers will enable me to construct my PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT.  Here is an article on regrets...sorry I STILL don’t know how to make a direct link so that you can just clickety-click, so you will have to copy and paste…FORGIVE ME….I am fairly certain ONE EXTRA step will NOT drain you of ALL of your remaining mental function and physical energy…sheesh!….sounds cheerily enticing…HA!

You may think I am nutz….probably, I am.  It just feels important….a mission statement, that is….so your challenge, if you dare to take it…

Design your life’s Mission Statement!

Please feel free to comment, share your Mission Statement if you already have one or use the comment section as a place to brainstorm.

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Enjoy your day!!