Phew!!  We made it!  5 kids, 5 schools….everyone is happy….woot woot…well relatively happy!  Here’s the thing…with five kids, you almost NEVER have a time where all five are simultaneously happy…so  what I do now is average the happiness….you know… like a math average….haha!

Two are in college!   Aside from Erin needing a new computer and Chris needing to tweak his schedule….they are are pleased with their schedules, teachers, classes etc.  Yay me…because EVERYTHING that my children are ever displeased about becomes my ever-loving problem…so it is, in fact, YAY ME!!

Ryleigh started high school and absolutely LOVES it!!   Ryleigh tends to be my kid you need to PULL information from….you know….like pulling teeth….teeth that are DEEPLY ROOTED in your mouth…as in you need a crowbar and a sledgehammer to remove these teeth….this is what a conversation, in which you are trying to extract the most innocent of information, is like when dealing with Ryleigh.  I made the assumption that when she came home from school and chatted to just about anyone who would listen as a positive sign of her liking High School.  This makes me so incredibly happy, as middle school was really difficult for Rye.

Olivia began her 8th grade year and despite being switched from one “team” to the other….which was a few weeks of over-the-top drama BEFORE school started…..seems to be content with her teachers!    The thing with Olivia is there always needs to be a full on vent-a-thon for several minutes…..SEVERAL LONG minutes….before you can weed through all the seemingly discontentment to discover that she, in fact, is excited about the very thing she just vented about for 45 minutes….sigh.  Good times, people, good times!

Talia had her first day of first grade, which meant no more 2.5 hour days.  She was very excited UNTIL she woke up to discover, to her horror, that it was raining!!  She has developed, post Irene, a fear of RAIN….not thunder…not lightening…RAINwhat the heck is a mom supposed to do with that, I ask you!!  Here in NJ…it has been RAINING for the last week….imagine the fun I am experiencing…you know you wish you were me…HA!  In any case, she got on the bus…the bus that was FORTY-FIVE MINUTES LATE…jus’ sayin’….it was SUPER ENJOYABLE to deal with my child who’s TERRIFIED of RAIN for an EXTRA 45 minutes….sheesh!   All in all, Talia loves first grade, she comes home jokingly asking for someone to carry her up to her bed because…SHE’S SOOOO TIRED….and then she gets all punchy and wound up and just plain WEIRD, oh and did I mentionOBNOXIOUS….Rrrrrrrr.

Doesn’t Talia look THRILLED…she just found out she had her first day of gymnastics immediately following her departure from the bus!  YIPPEEE!!

When I asked her if she could MUSTER up a small, miniscule expression that resembled a smile for ONE stinkin’ picture, I got this….

Thanks Tal!!  And when I asked if she loved first grade and her new teacher I captured this….

I’d say that’s a great big enthusiastic YES!!  Tradition dictates that at least one snapshot of an any event be…..

Just plain silly!  This tradition started when my 2 oldest children were very young….so it has been happening for 20 or so years!  It is ever lovin’ DE-DOUBLE-PRESSING when you can say that you have been doing something for 20+ years…how did I get this old?! 😦

It is not too often, in parenting 5 kids, that you lay your head down on your pillow at night and exhale with joy and relief that ALL FIVE are happy...September 6th I did this….and there is nothing like it in the world! 🙂

Now I just have to ask, on a sidenote, WHO IN THE HECK on the East Coast ticked off Mother Nature…..criminy.….Rye, Liv and Tal had delays today because of the deluge of rain and flooding.   Let me tell you, MY BRAIN not because I had to spend the morning with my lovely lil’ angels...although that will do it for sure…..BAHAHA….it is throbbing because they all had delays that were different….90 minute delay for one and 2 hour delay for the other…..this meant math for me.   I am not sure why, but delays always seem to throw my brain out of whack…I incessantly figure and “re- figure” what time the bus will be here….hoist upon me different delay times and well… might as well take me out back and torture me for hours on end before you shoot me at point-blank.…that would be a walk in the park compared to me figuring out the darn delayed bus arrival times…..UGH!   KIDDING, I don’t really believe being tortured and shot would be less painful…I was just using dramatic prose to make my point….hehe!

Dear Mother Nature….please stop the rain….I apologize for whoever ticked you off…but could you stop now….you are wreaking havoc and devastation and destruction on the East Coast.

Have a great day everybody!!