Ahhhhhh….skies part and a choir of angels descend from the sky!

I dont’ know about you ladies, but when I am PMS…I crave…. and by crave I mean willing to obliterate anyone or anything which impedes your quest for said craving….I mean your superhuman strength ignites as a direct result of an intense adrenalin surge within your body arising from the alarming anxiety that what you crave is the VERY LAST ONE of its kind ANYWHERE on the planet earth and if you REFRAIN from consuming its splendor….if you lose in this specific ‘fight or flight’ battle you most assuredly will DIE!!  

What do I crave you ask?  Salty foods and chocolate.  ‘Lo and behold…..Godiva has expertly integrated the two in the most harmonious synthesis….I mean for Pete’s Sake….it has God in the name….GODiva!!  Of course it is HEAVENLY!!  

For those of you saying…what the heck Lisa…didn’t you have a hysterectomy?  YES, yes I did!  And it is GREAT to NOT get a period, however those pesky lil’ ovaries of mine are still functioning, which means I am blessed with PMS!!  Woot Woot…yay me….Rrrrrrrr!!

If you are a salt/chocolate craver…give this a try!!  Holy Yummy Goodness!

As for you gentlemen reading this post….buy this for your significant other...BEFORE she starts with PMS….don’t  bring a bar home and be all…“hey you might want to DEVOUR this RIGHT NOW, you seem like you might be…uh…well you MAY be just a little um, well…. PMS.”     Well, I guess you COULD do that, but I strongly recommend you duck and cover immediately following such a half-witted, thick-headed, obtuse move.   Bring it home as a surprise!  (Novel idea, I know.)   Heed my warning….do it BEFORE, BEFORE, BEFORE the enemy takes up residence within her.  Trust me, she WILL crave it when the monster starts to take hold…when you witness her nibbling…offer a glass of wine and a foot rub…you MIGHT just escape without an un-bitten, un-chewed and un-spit out head for once…..jus’ saying! 🙂

Try it ladies!

Good Luck gentlemen!

Again, offering thoughts of good wishes and prayers to those still enduring after effects of Irene.