Foolishly, I have not been keeping abreast of the hurricane situation….thankfully, Dan is on it….see husbands ARE good for SOMETHING!!!    Kidding…calm down, guys!  As of now, central NJ is expected to be hit Sunday afternoon with high winds 100-120 mph, I believe and 13″ of rain…..THIRTEEN INCHES OF RAIN….HOLY HECK!!  Bye bye furnace!  Yes we have sump pumps…..they run on POWER, which I am fairly certain we will not have for a few days….sigh!

So what’s a girl to do?  I have never encountered a hurricane, or to my knowledge, this much rain or winds of that caliber…..scary.  Luckily for me, I am married to man who is in a somewhat constant state of preparedness for the collapse of our economy as a direct result of consuming oil to its depletion.  That is a story for a different day.  The point is Dan has a hurricane plan and I am thankful to be instructed on what to do in said plan.

Now, I will tell you this….we are not running around like insane chickens with our heads cut off…we are simply taking some measures that will ensure our family’s….. SURVIVAL (sound the ALARM) for several days without power.

The Allen checklist….

Flashlights in one spot…check.

Back-up batteries for said flashlights…check.

Ice for 1 large cooler to store 1 gallon of milk…check. 

Multiple water jug containers of water…check.

Since we will more than likely not have power…

Lots of bread, peanut butter and jelly

Lots of fruit

Cereal (here’s where the milk in the cooler comes in handy)

Nuts for snacking 

I will fill the tubs with water Saturday evening.

So we are set….bring it….not really, Mother Naturejust kidding...IT WAS A JOKE…sheesh!

My first area of concern is our basement…not becuase it is finished with lush carpet and game-room fixtures is an old house peoplean ancient house adorned with a dark, dungeony, awful place….THE BASEMENT, which houses OUR NEW FURNACE…our new FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR FURNACE (bursts into hysterical tears and runs from the room…haha)….our basement floods with a steady rain…OIY!  As I mentioned previously…yes we have sump pumps…TWO….. 2 sump pumps that DEPEND on POWER!!!  Here is where our INCANDESCENTLY-ORANGE, HOME-DEPOT, 5-GALLON BUCKETS and ABLE-BODIED CHILDREN come in handy….muuahhh!  Bail out the furnace kiddies!!  Did someone say…family bonding!!??  My guess is we should be less concerned with the dangers of the storm and more concerned about family togetherness wreaking havoc and destruction on one another….no but really,we love each otherwe do..I swear, but we also LOVE our INDIVIDUAL SPACE… jus’ sayin!   I have mentioned that there are currently TWO teenaged GIRLS living in our house, right?  Oh and a 6-year-old, whose source of pleasure is igniting pushing their short-fused buttons!  I mean..on a good day of sunny weather they can be intolerable…nevermind days on end without  power and heaven forbid their electronic amenities…sheesh!

My second area of concern is our large Silver-Maple tree (if you know anything about trees, you know a Silver Maple is not the wisest of choices to plant near a house…they tend to be weak, as far as trees go) on 1 side  our house that almost always loses a branch that destroys part of our house.  To date it has only taken out inconsequential areas….the greenhouse and part of a summer kitchen on our property….both non-essential. HOWEVER, Mr. Silver stands alongside of our kitchen and ours and Olivia’s bedrooms.  As a safety precaution, we will be having a family sleep over in our tv room…just to be cautious!  Yippeee…MORE TOGETHERNESS!!  Good times people…GOOD TIMES!

I, by nature am NOT an alarmist….my husband….ALARMIST….so together we are quite balanced….heehee!  If only it worked that way…right?

Regardless of your particular stance…be it calm or alarmist…being wise is smart!!  Lol!  Funny sentence…I like itbeing wise is smart! Go Lisa!  In all seriousness…take a few measures of precaution and heed official advise fervently.  Hopefully you and your families will weather the storm safely without personal injury or property damage.  Prepare yourselves and try to enjoy some time together hunkered down cozily whilst awaiting Irene’s passing.

Be Safe….Not Sorry!!