I know, I know…a bucket list is for the elderly….but, I ask you….. WHY??!!  It makes NO sense….why start a bucket list when we are destined to be limited by the confinement of aging bodies??  Do it now!!  No matter what age you are!!

I began a bucket list about 2 years ago.  It is one of the best things I have done.  The list itself is a constant ebb and flow of growth and contraction….when I check one thing off, I add another.  Not only does it give me a terrific sense of achievement, it adds diversity and excitement to my life!

As a direct result of my list…..

I swam in the ocean at midnight…SCARY!!

I swam with dolphins….a mixture of intimidation and awe!!

I rode a mechanical bull…..WOOT WOOT!!

Took a pottery class….revisiting this in the Fall!

Most recently…I jumped off a 12 foot boulder into a creek...phew…a great start at conquering my fear of heights!  More on this when I blog about our recent camping trip!

There is more on the list, but the point is had I not written them down, they would not have been in my focus to seize the opportunity when they present themselves.  You know what they say….“out of sight, out of mind!”   Some things on my list I have needed to actively pursue, however, a decent portion of my list has been accomplished from the mere fact that I wrote it down.  The act of writing it down somehow places things in your mind in a concrete and tangible way.

Had I neglected to write down (2 years ago)….jump off a cliff into water….I would not have been thinking.…  “crap this is on my bucket list,” when the situation presented itself!

Write it down…in a book, an actual bucket, keep a list on the frig or a white board is great too!

Keep track of your accomplishments…the memory fades…write it down!

Having difficulty thinking of things…

Imagine you have 1 year to live…that will get you going!

Keep the list handy…so when you hear a story or think of something you can conveniently add it to your list!!

Encourage others to make their own bucket list, as well.  It is a lot of fun doing things with others.

Encourage your kids to keep one too…WHY NOT!!??

Commit  to accomplishing ONE thing off your list each year…ONE…you can do it!!

Spice up your life!

Start your bucket list today!!

Enjoy this gorgeous day!!