Intuition is defined as….. knowledge or belief obtained neither by reason nor by perception, instinctive knowledge or belief and  a hunch or unjustified belief.   Everyone agrees on the 5 senses...sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell, however many do not acknowledge intuition as a sense.  I am a firm believer that intuition is indeed our 6th sense AND that everyone possesses intuition.  Intuition is our sense easily suffocated due to our lifestyle.  Practice enables our ability to hone this vital sense.  The 5 acknowledged and agreed upon senses are accessible to us without having to exercise consciousness.  Nevertheless, these 5 senses can also be sharpened.

When we allow ourselves to be present in each moment as they unfold, our senses become acute and heightened.  Think about a time you commissioned yourself to fully ENJOY a meal…taste becomes amplified.  In the same way, our hearing transforms from dull and deadened during the day to astute at nightfall….you could spend the day in the woods, sounds going unnoticed…darkness falls and hearing becomes keen (a little too keen, if you ask me).  This is true of all of our 5 senses…they exist for us with no regard, no conscious thought…they become enhanced when we tune in to our surroundings, quiet our minds….become present in each moment.

This too is true for our intuition, but of all the senses it is the simplest to ignore.  Our minds drift and consume clutter and clatter incessantly..intuition requires attention.  We often shrug off our intuition as crazy or “just our imagination.”   Conceptualize, for a moment, what our lives would look like if we allowed a place for our intuition.

Several weeks ago, I was driving home, the music was off and I was by myself…a rarity of both circumstances.  Waiting at the traffic light which turned green, I “heard”…..“wait, don’t go.”  I complied and within a second a tractor trailer barreled through the red light in the opposite direction.  NO DOUBT I would have been killed instantly.  The voice I heard was quiet and calm, it didn’t shout or go to great lengths to occupy my attention.  The voice did not come forth from my head, rather from a place beneath my bellybutton, my poor mangled bellybutton…sigh….jus’ saying.    It was distinct, concise and clear.  Intuition.

Intuition is that voice of apprehension we feel in unsafe places.  It is our instant feeling of “not caring” for a person we have just been introduced to.  Intuition cannot be explained with reason or analytical deduction.

Intuition just is.  

Intuition is analogous with our breath.  Both are ever-present, happen without our forethought.  If we offer each our full attention, it transcends us to a deeper place of life.

Intuition offers to keep us from harm.

Intuition offers to guide us to authentic living.

Intuition enables us to live our true calling.

Intuition is ever-present for our application. We need only trust intuition to utilize it for our benefit, our goodwill.


Stop and listen (as I write this, the rain is falling against the leaves of our trees and I can hear several different birds chirping their songs).

Stop and look…really SEE what is before you.

Stop and taste… instead of inhaling your lunch, taste it (hopefully it is good).

Stop and smell…the roses…heehee...really.

Stop and touch…notice texture, temperature, shape etc.

Stop and PERCEIVE….tune in to the audibly lucid, uncomplicated, unencumbered guiding force which manifests inside your spirit…..INTUITION.  Do not allow thoughts of doubt to interfere and complicate the message.

Trust your INTUITION!

Wishing all of you a great week!