Can you guys tell that we are officially SWIMMING in tomatoes?  We grow 26 different varieties of Heirloom tomatoes….they are so delicious it is ridiculous!!


I LOVE Bruschetta!

There are a few different ways that people like to make them…all are yummy.

This is how I made them this evening…

Lightly brush bread with olive oil and put under broiler until toasted  (watch CLOSELY as this only takes a couple of minutes).

I prefer my tomato mixture to be a little warm soooo….

In a skillet,  brown 1 clove of garlic pressed and 1 small onion or shallot in 2/3 tbsp of olive oil.

Add 1 chopped bell pepper and 1 or 2 tomatoes and a generous handful of basil.

Remove from heat, spoon onto toast and CONSUME!!!


Happy Tomato Season!!