Ha!  Did I get ya?  Did you think I was pregnant?  Was your mind all…”how the heck is she pregnant if she has NO UTERUS??  Lol!!”  

We have a new addition to our counter-space hogging repertoire of small appliances…woot woot!!  Lo and behold…..

The juicer.….The Jack LaLanne juicer.  I stared at this thing in the box for a few days.  Then I stared at it on my kitchen table for several days, read the instructions and was feeling intimidated.  Finally,  a few days ago I JUICED!!

Super yummy and it feels like I am doing something extraordinarily healthy for my body!  Admittedly it is a big pain in the but to clean, not difficult, just a pain.  Nevertheless, I have come up with a workable system.  I juice in the morning, which is great for me as I am one of those peeps who find it arduous to eat early in the morning.  Having a glass of juice promptly when I rise is the perfect way to awaken my metabolism and nourish my body.

I am already in the kitchen for various children duties and planning dinner, so rinsing out the juicer fits in nicely during this segment of my morning routine.  I clean it and stick it the dish drain to dry and later in the day or evening I put it back together to have it ready to go in the morning!

As I have mentioned before I have a picky eater and I am looking forward to discovering a concoction that will give her the vitamins and minerals of vegetables disguised in the sweetness of the fruit.  What I have encountered thus far is that apples and carrots add a sweet, yummy taste to just about ANYTHING.

What we have tried so far…..

Carrot and beet juice…..3 carrots to 1 beet…yum.

Carrot, beet and apple…..same as above and 1 apple….DELICIOUS!

Talia (my 6 year old) has concocted her own recipes and they are surprisingly quite tasty….

Grapes, plum, kiwi and apple…she just throws them in, I have not a clue what her quantity of each were….lol.

Peach, plum, strawberry and apple.

I am unexpectedly pleased with our NEW ADDITION, as this was a purchase my husband was adamant about…. I am never overly thrilled with the thought of ANOTHER appliance taking up precious space in my kitchen!  I found a cozy home for the juicer conveniently located right next to the sink, which enables the cleaning process to be less complicated…yeehaw!

We purchased the Jack LaLanne brand for the lucid and sole reason……he company is offering buy 1 get 1 free!  Although I am unsure of how FREE it actually was….shipping and handling was FIFTY BUCKS!  The final cost for 2 was 170, I think…split 2 ways the cost was 85, which is a great deal if you have ever shopped for a juicer!  If you have a friend who is interested….I say take advantage of the deal.   The cleaning issue will be the same with any juicer and as far as performance…I am very satisfied with Jack LaLanne!

I have often wished that I would wake up looking like the person of the product I am using, for example…what  girl wouldn’t want to wake up resembling Cindy Crawford after using Meaningful Beauty, HOWEVER, I am hoping to NOT wake up resembling Jack LaLanne, as I am a GIRL and all that buff-ness would be unappealing, but if my husband woke up…...well…nevermind!

Happy Juicing!