Woot Woot!!!  We did it!  We, not only, survived...we, dare I say….THRIVED in Hershey!!  Why on earth would we go to Hershey on the very day it was to hit 101 DEGREES?!   Umm...because we are daredevils like the guys from Jack Ass…NOPE!   Umm….because we LOVE to be uncomfortably HOT in a crowded amusement park….NOPE, that’s not it either!  The reason why we went to Hershey on the hottest day of the summer is the only reason parents do anything...it was the only day that would work for all involved.  The ACTUAL temperature was 99 DEGREES with a heat index of 106 DEGREESHOLY HOTNESS BATMAN!!  The group consisted of 3 adult women and 7 kids…6 of which were girls (need I say more)….age range was 6-14!!  Here is a picture taken upon arrival ( we tie-dyed t-shirts the day before to help keep track of them)….

Good times, people…. good times.  On the ride to Hershey, I made the decision that I would use what I had learned from Zen Heart and become one with the heat.  Now…let me explain something….since I turned 35…the heat makes me, well….it makes me CRANKY, not to mention, I sweat like…I was going to say pig, but do pigs sweat (hang on, going to google it)...NOPE PIGS DO NOT SWEAT!!  Well, pigs may not sweat BUT Lisa sure does and it makes me miserable!!  AND..if you HANG on me..even if you are my beautiful child….you’re gonna get flung like an ant that is crawling up my leg when the heat is oppressive….jus’ sayin’.

Once we arrived, we found shade (ha!) from a tree and ate lunch…did I forget to mention that 1 adult and 3 of the kids on this trip have hypoglycemia tendencies….meaning when their blood sugar gets low...their mean-crankies get high, at least for the kids, for the grown up…all systems shut down…it’s a lot of fun!  

The plan:

become ONE WITH THE HEAT (accept our fate)

keep all parties well hydrated and blood sugar levels UP

Before we even got in the gate…my shirt was soaked wet with sweat…eww, Ewww, EWWWWW!!  

Shockingly….we had a GREAT TIME….NO…REALLY!   No cranky kids, no cranky adults.  We took advantage of the miserable heat and rode the coasters while most peeps were playing in the water park.  CRAZY??   Maybe, but I will tell you…when you accept your situation, stop obsessing on why it is so miserable….well…it shifts from misery to, at least, tolerable.  Plus…there were NO LINES…YAY US!!  Was I hot….YEP!!  Was I sweating…YEP!!  Was I miserable…NOPE!!  It was what it was...so I could either allow the agony of the intense heat to suck me into the unhappiness vortex OR I could……BE ONE WITH THE HEAT(that’s getting a little obnoxious, huh?)!!  It works...I swear!  Imagine how hot this person must have been…YIKES!!

Amyway…we rode the coasters and then headed to a log flume….we were pleasantly DRENCHED from head to toe!!  We frolicked  in the water park until 7p.m.  and then… we closed the park down!!

The stradegy of hydrating and feeding the masses worked!!  There was a constant flow of water, Gatorade and lemonade being passed around and every hour on the hour, NO EXAGGERATION…we bought a snack….slurpees, cotton candy, ice cream, french fries and so on.At 4:30…we FORCED the kids into an air-conditioned cafeteria and chilled, literally, for 30 minutes.  With food, drinks and body temperatures returning to normal, our stamina returned and we ventured onward!  There was no rest for the weary!!  We paid a GAZILLION DOLLARS, after all ….we were going for the glory!!

Around eight o’clock we gathered the troops together and made a plan…there were a few MUST-DOS left on the list, so we split the group and completed the mission.  It was 9:39 p.m. and we had 21 minutes to get from the opposite side of the park to the exit in order to ride the coveted and much-anticipated chocolate ride…if we missed it…the whole day would have been incomplete, not to mention we would be leaving with 7 kids on a grumpy note…sheesh.  This was taken right before we left for the gate at the end of the night…they look pretty good…a little rumpled and Will is missing from the picture, but all in all…Happy Little Boogers…notice there are NO pictures of the adults…haha!

We reached the gate with 7 minutes to spare…we now had to climb the seemingly small slope UP to Chocolate World…however, when you have spent the day in 101 degree heat, not so sweetly mixed with intense humidity and have been trekking your lead-weighted body up hills, stairs and MORE HILLS for the past TEN HOURS…well….there is NO SUCH THING as SMALL SLOPES!  We were ZONKED, BURNT-OUT, BEAT-DOWN, FATIGUED, SPENT…BONE-TIRED.   And the reality was…we might not make it to the chocolate ride, BUT Olivia wouldn’t have it… she rallied the troops, barked out team-building encouragement  and we mustered our last little bit of…I don’t know what… and picked up our pace.  I will admit that my mother-in-law put Becky and I to shame as she trucked past us on the slope, HOWEVER.….there is NO separating that woman from chocolate AND when she was made aware of the fact that at the end of the chocolate ride you receive a FREE peice…well……that was all she needed to know….GAME ON….she was not going to miss it!!  WE DID IT!!  Only 3 minutes to spare, but we CONQUERED!  Of course,the girl working the entrance to the chocolate ride was less than pleased…I saw her eye the clock when she saw us and I also witnessed the disappointment in her face when she realized she couldn’t tell us the ride was closed...HA!!  

I suppose “the sweetest place on earth” isn’t very sweet if you have to work there each day and deal with the likes of us….people ALWAYS pushing the limit of time…sorry!


7 happy kids

no major melt-downs

everyone was fed and watered

and the 3 adults…well…we may feel like we were hit by a truck today, but we did it and we had fun!!!!

Beat the heat and enjoy your day!!