The last couple of days have been the epitome of why I LOVE summer.  I had the privilege of getting caught up with two friends from highschool.  One I see every summer and talk with throughout the year, the other I have spoken to, yet haven’t seen in 10+ years.  And as true friendships go, the three of us picked up as if we had seen each other just days before!  The day started with Cathy informing me that the photograph I have on my refrigerator does NOT display me in a positive light….I think her exact words were…“OMG Lis, I don’t REMEMBER ever seeing you with a double chin!”  LOL!  In the picture, I do in fact have a double chin, however….I had JUST given birth to my FOURTH child!  These comments are the luxuries we are afforded with 30 year friendships. Wow!  Did I just say 30 year friendship….how did I get old enough to have a 30 year friendship?  Even cooler and more alarming…. I have two friends of 42 years…now that is something…I am blessed!!  I know it may seem like an oxymoron to consider it a luxury….I am referring to the brutal honesty aspect here….but I really do feel it is a truly that….a luxury or, at least, it is a very precious gift!   What a gift to know you can be completely who you are….good, bad, beautiful and ugly….no pretenses……and remain accepted and loved.  It is a blessing.  

Anyway…I bought a Panini press the day before, so…..we made Paninis!!  They were sooooooo yummy!  I highly recommend buying your own Panini press. I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond for $49.99.  The Cuisinart Panini Press….definitely one of my favorite purchases of all time!!  

After lunch we went swimming or the kids did at least….     





We, girls, chatted and ate cookies!!!


Friendships that stand the test of time are priceless and have a wonderful way of grounding us in who we are at our core.

Call a friend today that you cherish or call one you haven’t spoken to in a while!

Now for the Princeton Adventure…..

Yesterday, my sister-in-law, Becky, and I geared up for a ROAD TRIP to Princeton!!!  Primarily because there is this delicious ice cream shop that I am addicted to at the moment!  In any case, we loaded up the kids and took a ROAD TRIP.…it was a great day, but I will say this….kids don’t quite have the SAME appreciation for a ROAD TRIP as grown-ups do….lol!  Truly it was a lot of fun!  We ate a yummy lunch at…..

We made our best attempt at teaching the kids about ettiquette….you know….napkins in your lap etc…..sigh….WE TRIED!!  Lunch was super DELIZIOSO.  Talia and Will, my nephew, thought it was hysterical that the waitress brought them kiddy cups….I mean…HOW RIDICULOUS OF HER…..HOW INSULTING….THEY ARE EIGHT AND SIX….CLEARLY….TOO OLD FOR KIDDY CUPS….DUH!!

We discovered a wall with inspirational words outside of the restaurant….can you say….PHOTO OP!?? (if you click on the photo to the left you will be able to see the words)


It was onward to Princeton University…we sauntered around the campus….what a gorgeous campus!!   BONUS….we all left feeling quite a bit more intelligent….in fact…the whole experience left Becky and I speaking in British accents…who knew….ha!

It was now time for….drumroll please….. The Bent Spoon!!  The sole reason for my existence.  Here’s the thing…all in all, I am NOT a huge ice cream lover.  I can take it or leave.  It is almost NEVER  get a HANKERIN’ for it...HOWEVER…the Bent Spoon has me hooked!!  The ice cream is homemade…most of it is made with organic ingredients and the flavors are unique and amazing!!  You can sample before you decide and I swear….I am convinced a BAD flavor DOES NOT EXIST!!  I had Dark Chocolate Orange and a scoop of Plum….Holy Heaven Batman….I forget what everyone else had because I was in SWIMMING in ecstasy over my own choice and for 15 minutes tuned out the world and enjoyed pure BLISS!!!

Goodbye Princeton…..

We finished our day with a swim in the pool, a campfire, s’mores and chain massages…NICE!!


If you are ever looking for something to do this summer and Princeton isn’t too far….take a road trip!!  Make sure to include Heaven On Earth in your adventure!!

Have a Great Day!

I am having another Panini party today…woot woot!!