I recently purchased a new vacuum cleaner from Wal-Mart.  The day was excruciatingly humid.  Talia was with me and she was wilting from the heat.  You know what it’s like….it is so hot all you want to do is lay naked on your couch in front of airconditioners….that would be nice wouldn’t it?  Sure would….but WE DO NOT HAVE AIR-CONDITIONERS…jus’ sayin’ and no I am NOT bitter about it…lol!  Generally, this is no problem because, frankly, as long as you have a stream of air blowing on you, it is all the same.  We have acquired A LOT of fans over the years…let’s just say that!

In any case, on this particularly dreadful-oven-on-500-degrees kind of day, I decided I needed a vacuum…. AND as luck would have it, Wal-Mart has air-conditioning….BONUS!!  Selecting a new vacuum is a tricky job, it requires a decent CHUNK of time…enjoying the air…er, I mean…. to choose the appropriate one.

Talia and I browsed EVERYTHING in Wal-Mart and when we had NOTHING, and I mean, NOTHING left to peruse, we sulkily drug our feet and our vacuum to check out.  As one last-ditch effort to legitimize our stay in the air, we scoured our receipt….surely there must have been a mistake on it somewhere…right?!!??  No mistake…dang those Wal-Mart employees…why are they so efficient?!

Our time in paradise came to a close and  we trudged our way to the scorching hot, humid car. An elderly man who was backing out of the spot next to us, pulled BACK into his spot and for the few seconds that it took, my mind started racing.  You know…CRAP…. did I nick his car when we pulled in….did the swear words I was saying in my head about the heat escape audibly from my mouth and offend him….and finally, I AM IN NO MOOD TO BE BROW-BEATEN BY SOME CROTCHETY-OLD-TIMER…I know, I know…shame on me!!  Of course none of my warped-from-heat thoughts came to pass.  This wonderful man “re-parked” his car, exited said vehicle and asked if he could help me lift the vacuum box into my car for me.   HUH!??  I was dumbfounded, I told him that it was not necessary, but much appreciated.  He insisted and lifted the vacuum into my car.  He remarked that he hoped if someone saw his wife with a box like that, they would also help her….I didn’t have the heart to tell him that such an act would be unlikely, but undoubtedly he knew…the same way all of you knew as you read it.

Sadly, we all know, all to well,the rarity it would be that someone would help her.  Why are we like that?  We are not mean.  And  I am not suggesting that we are cold-hearted, but we ARE too-busy.  I will share with you that for the rest of the day…that sweltering, BEYOND uncomfortable day, I was elated.  I felt so touched by that man’s sincere heart.  What does it cost us…really…to go out of our way for a mere moment to give to another a Random Act of Kindness.  The irony of kindness given is that it is as fulfilling to the giver, as it is to the receiver.  It is true.  Think about a time you offered to help someone, whether it was a small gesture or a large gesture…didn’t you feel great?  The reward is given to both parties involved in a Random Act of Kindness…so why do we not offer them more frequently?  

Ponder this today, I know you are busy, just think about for a bit.  

Perhaps you have been dealt a rough hand in life lately.  

Maybe you feel bitter about the self-centered world we reside in and the seemingly apathetic people who you share the world with.

In the words of Gandhi…

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

There were endless options of images with this quote.  I chose this particular one because change is in OUR HAND.  Be the change (period).  It is simple.  It does not state be the change when you fell like it or be the change when you are satisfied with your life or be the change when the world and people in it are nice to you…it states, quite simply, BE THE CHANGE inside of a hand.  The message is profound…the action is simple…we just have to allow ourselves to see it, hear it and live it.

Try it.

I am going to throw this out as a “challenge of the week” to myself AND to you, whoever you are, or for that matter, IF there even are any “YOUS” out there reading this babble.  

The challenge is…..LOOK for an opportunity this week to give to another person a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS.  If you want to challenge yourself even more….attempt a Random Act of Kindness each day for the entire week.

Take notice of the person’s response and more importantly, your own feelings and response.

Do not be discouraged if you encounter a response lacking what you were expecting.  Just feel good about what you offered.

Try not to OVER-THINK it...a Random Act of Kindness might be a thank you or a compliment to those you are with most often.  Give the person who cut you off in traffic the benefit of the doubt, instead of the finger and a beep.

I would love for you to share with me.

Post your experience in the comment section.

Good Luck!

Happy Be The Change Week!!