I LOVE LOVE LOVE birthdays!  I enjoy my own and I really enjoy other people’s birthdays, as well!  I love to pick out gifts and sing to the birthday song.  I love imagining what people wish for themselves, as they blow out the candles.  Turning 42, I have been razzed for my age, however…..I will declare, LOUD AND PROUD that I love my 40’s!  

I don’t seem to experience the dread that others experience, as their birthdays mark another year gone.  I feel content and fulfilled in my life right now.  That is not to imply that my life is all peaches and roses….it certainly is not.  Life is challenging!  My late 30’s and early 40’s have offered a time of self-discovery and growth.   I have acquired wisdom unattainable to me in my youth and learned that embracing the broad range of my emotions allows me to live a fuller and beautiful life.

I have  awakened to the reality that everything I feel ( I am speaking of negative emotions) is not always the truth and that my mind can be retrained to bring reality to my emotions.  I am learning that I can have an intense emotion, but I do not have to behave or act according to that emotion.  I am learning to be more gracious, kind and empathetic than I knew to be possible.

Because of this, I love my birthday.  I love to reflect on goals I have accomplished and contemplate aspects that still need my attention.  Not to mention, I love getting gifts….jus’ sayin’….lol!

Yesterday, I received a PORCH SWINGyay me…I have longed for one for quite a few years, soooo….. I was super excited to come downstairs and see a porch swing….I was a lil worried it would never be put up….but to my delight, my hubby and father-in-law hung it for me yesterday afternoon…..YAY!!

Oh, and did I mention I also got Godiva chocolate…yes that’s right, be jealous...KIDDING!!  It was a good day!  I also was given a homemade birthday card…I really love homemade birthday cards…

Notice….I am ON A PEDESTAL!!!  Woot Woot!!!

I have a friend whose bday is the 9th, so I was card shopping!  I ended up buying more than I actually needed because I couldn’t decide!  You are not able to see the words on the front….they were “The next time the birthday fairy sneaks up on you”……..

 The inside read this….


There were  several funny cards…I was audibly cracking up in the card store.   I also found this one….it spoke to me….

Live with Intention…..what is your intention for your life?  It can change, but have one.  Name it, either verbally or mentally or write on paper.  Mine is to discover new things about myself, to live OUTSIDE of my comfort zone and to be vulnerable.

Walk to the Edge….this would be the equivalent of living outside of your comfort zone…push yourself beyond your limits…do not allow fear to dictate who you are and what you do.

Listen Hard….we need to listen to one another…we may actually learn something valuable if we stop thinking about the next thing we want to say and LISTEN to someone else.  Listen to nature as well…there are sounds around us all of the time that we seem to not notice…tune in.

Practice Wellness….mind, body and spirit….find wellness for yourself in all three. Do not compare yourself to another, just find your own equilibrium.  Become conscious….we live in a society that advocates unconscious living…resist the urge.  Think about the food you eat, the exercise your body needs, your emotions and your thoughts.  Choose what you put in your body, choose your thoughts, choose your behaviors.  Find what works for YOU.  Stop the “keep up with the Jones’ mentality.”

Play with Abandon…I don’t know about you guys, but it seems that when I became  an adult, I lost my mojo…my zest…..with kids, careers, bills etc, we lose our desire to play…to relax and just be…. to play with the carefree nature of a child.  Try something new or participate in an old activity or hobby that brought you joy in your younger days.

Laugh….laughter is good for the soul….do it often!

Choose with No Regret…..we make choices everyday, several times a day…make your decision and experience whatever that decision holds.  If it doesn’t go as you had hoped…so what…no biggie….do not allow regret to consume you…learn and move on.

Continue to Learn…be open to new ideas and experiences, it keeps us young.

Appreciate Your Friends….my friends are such a vitally crucial part of my life.  Make new friends, cherish the old ones (not in age ,in longevity of the friendship…lol), remind yourself often of their value.

Do What You Love….I always worry about this for people.  Many of us do not work in the field that we love, HOWEVER, we can all do SOMETHING we love.  Indulge yourself in something you love daily, it makes life worthwhile!

LIVE AS IF THIS IS ALL THERE IS….tragedy usually sparks this realization for us, but it would be much more beneficial for us if we could remember this sentiment on a regular basis.  Hang a quote or phrase that triggers this insight for you on a mirror or your refrigerator.  Somewhere to remind you to cherish your moments and the people in your life.

Embrace your birthday.  

Reflect on who you are.  

Evaluate who you wish to become.  

Aging is a complex process that brings about great wisdom, if we are open to it.  Age also places in the forefront of our minds our mortality, and perhaps, sadness or pining for our youth.  It would be something, if we could maintain our physical youth and our aged wisdom congruently.  I would love to have my 40-year-old mind and soul with my 20-year-old body….that would be something, wouldn’t it?!!  Alas, this is the conundrum of life. If given the choice, I would choose my mind and soul of my 40’s!!

Life is short, lamenting over time passed is fruitless and brings unnecessary and unproductive negative feelings.

Love who you are TODAY, no matter your age and transform your life to align with your authentic self.  Not sure who that is?  Me either, but I am learning and there is great beauty in the journey!!

Have a great day!!