Wow!  What a whirlwind the last few days have been!  Ryleigh’s graduation was a lot of fun and it was great to have most of our family under one roof for dinner!  YAY!!

My girls’ first official day of summer was spent scrubbing the house with me…awful I know, BUT we are leaving for vacation at 4am today (have I EVER mentioned how I am NOT a morning person!?) and I don’t know about the rest of you, BUT I like to come home to a clean house!  I had given the girls fair warning all week about how their first day of summer would be spent…NO SURPRISES!!  My reasoning for having them clean with me is simple…. they are capable AND I sure as heck didn’t move through the house, in a tornado-like-fashion, leaving a wake of disaster in my path….so…. I sure as heck am not going solo of the restoration of said house!   Actually, I probably contribute NONE of the mess, since I clean as I go….in any case, because I don’t make the mess MYSELF, I sure as heck am NOT going to clean it myself!  This is my system….I make a list of everything that needs do be accomplished and put it on the kitchen table….everybody (including the 6-year-old, to be honest, if you stopped by for a visit, I would probably hand you a toilet brush…ha!), picks something and crosses it off when they have completed the task.  We move down the list in the same fashion.  It is SO MUCH better, almost enjoyable, when everyone is working as a team…the swishing of the washing machine, the humming of the vacuum cleaner, the smell of the clean laundry, music playing and the sound of the Swiffer Wet Jet spraying…this is Talia’s job…she picks it EVERY TIME!!  In about 2 hours…the whole house is sparkly and smelling fresh…a job that would take me 4/5 hours, at least, by myself!

When they were finished, I drove both Rye and Liv to parties…I do have my redeeming qualities…sheesh!

Today, Friday, we packed for vacation, grocery shopped for vacation and again, I drove each girl to a party, thankfully, they are at the SAME party tonight, which simplified the shuttling….woot woot.

Needless to say, June Crazies have FINALLY come to a close, and to be frank…I AM BEAT!!    Let summer begin!!  I am hoping my fatigue is still, primarily, from the surgery because I am in huge trouble if I am tired just from June…seeing as I STILL HAVE A SIX-YEAR-OLD AT HOME….which means FOURTEEN years of hands on parenting remain, until she is out of the house for college….ugh!

I have decide to bestow a challenge to myself...I love self-given challenges!  I am in desperate need of serious rest and relaxation, hence I have made the decision to UNPLUG for the duration of vacation…NO PHONE, NO COMPUTER, NO IPOD, NO TELEVISION, DARE I SAY, NO FACEBOOK….NOTHING!!   I am going to leave all technological devices at home!  Leaving them home, will assure that, should I rendezvous  with symptoms of withdrawal, it will be near impossible to plummet from the wagon!  I  plan on enjoying my kids ( as much as any person can ENJOY kids….KIDDING), the sand, the company, the ocean, the sun, the birds, the sound of the waves, the smell of the air, the sting of the salt and sun on my skin, the sunrise and sunset….ALL OF IT….UNINTERRUPTED by the grid!

Crazy?  Maybe.  Good decision?  Maybe.  We will see, you can bet your booty, you will be informed about the challenge, in its entirety!

In recent times, I feel a strong gravitational force toward being present…..truly present.   You know…get back to the basics…the art of converstion…giving people my undivided attention, instead of, simultaneously, splitting my attention between the person I am in the presence of and the person I am texting.  My desire is to be all together bewitched with vacation “and all of its “vacationy” splendor radiance  I will bring with me a notebook and a pen to capture all of my discoveries, AND of course, what  I concur, as a result of being UNPLUGGED!

Most, not all, but most people I have explained this too think I am nuts.  “What if there is an emergency?”  they ask.    My reply…”There will be plenty of people on this vacation…22 to be exact…who, I am certain will not be unplugged, so IF there is an eemergency, I can be reached.” 

Wish me luck friends!   I am enthusiastic to share with you how it all unfolds!  I will post my writings on July 5th.  

Enjoy your 4th of July!!  

Sand, Sun and Self-Discovery…HERE I COME!!!   Oh yea, and margarita-ville too!

Have a great week everyone!!