I need this school year to be over!  Every night this week, I have fallen asleep, as soon as, my head hits some relatively soft surface.  Except, of course, for last night.  I managed to stay awake for a very boring episode of The Bachelorette….I am addicted to the show.  This season has been boring, however, my friend Michele, also an addict, and I have made it into a social event.  We tape the show and wait for each other to be ready to watch, which is usually around 10 o’clock.  We pour ourselves a drink and banter back and forth via text about the show.  The consensus last night…..who the heck would ever think it was a good idea to have men, who are courting and competing for the SAME girl, get into a boxing ring together and BOX….HEEEELLOOOO….bad idea, very bad idea!!   In any case, even when the show is painstakingly boring…it’s fun!  Michele and I make bets about who the final guy will be, we do NOT look at spoiler sites, whoever picks the right guy gets a FREE MARGARITA!!!  Woot Woot!  Last season I won!!  Girlfriends make everything fun and worthwhile…don’t you agree??

As I have said in many posts, the June Crazies are maddening and they strike even the kids!  Before 8:30 this morning I had  made 2 round trips to the school….rrrrrrr.  Even the kids’ brains start to melt down and they begin to unravel and forget the most basic of things…..like the LUNCH that I fashioned together, with love and tender care, at 11 o’clock last night…rrrr!

7:15 am -My naked  husband (if I cross it out, it’s like I never said it, right?…kinda like in court when the judge strikes something from the reord…yea, like that really works….I have NOT A CLUE why he was naked ) delivered the phone to me and said it was Erin.  I pick up the phone and it was Ryleigh, not Erin, asking me to PLEEEEASE deliver her yearbook,that she forgot, to school because they are allowed to sign yearbooks today…..RRrrrrr.

7:50am-Talia gets on the bus and I drive the yearbook, still in my pj’s, to school…..RRRrrrr.

8:05am-I pull into the driveway, organizing my day mentally.

8:06am– I TRIP over this….RRRRrrr.

This is Talia’s attempt at making toast, using tinfoil and the sun.  The blocks are, strategically, placed to keep wild animals OUT and the note is for our dog…our DOG who can read, apparently!!

8:07am– I walk into the house, start a cup of tea and the phone rings…..it’s Liv….RRRRrrr.  “Mom, I’m so sorry, I forgot my lunch and my stomach is already bothering me…please, please, please can you bring me my lunch?”    I sigh and say yes….RRRRRrrr.

8:17am– Drop the lunch…still in my pj’s…..RRRRRRrrr.

8:27am-Arrive back home and  RRRRRRRRR.

8:30am-Breathe and had a nice chat with my very good friend Nicole….I LOVE girlfriends!!!

Tomorrow is 8th graduation….

To-Do list for today….

-Make Blueberry Pie (sounded so much better than buying a cake…LAST WEEK)

-Make Black Raspberry pie (will anyone REALLY notice if it’s not a homemade crust?)

-Make Brownies ( damn kids)

-Grocery Shop (I should just move in)

-Figure out dinner (kids really DON”T NEED to eat EVERY SINGLE night…right?)

BUY UNDERWEAR, I am down to 3 pair….(sob, sob, sob).  NO COMMENT

-Clean the bombed-hit house ( I really think this can WAIT until thursday, when all of my EAGER HELPERS are home from school)


June…I love you because you officially begin summer and put an end to the crazies, but could you please be over already…you are worse than December anymore….SHEESH!!

I don’t know about the rest of you , but June is coming to a close….it has been a great month of closing doors on endeavors that have reached their conclusion, while windows of exciting opportunities open and lay before us, a new chance to discover and embody our lives in a deeper and more fulfilling way…. I for one, will be jumping for joy on thursday when the alarm clocks can be turned off and there will be no SCHEDULE dictating our lives….YAY for me!!!  Yay for you!!  Yay for summa time!!                                                            

Have a great day!