Phew….what a crazy weekend.  I survived….if you call being so tired that you almost confuse your nasal spray for your eye drops, and then, ACTUALLY try spraying your eye drops into your nose….no I am not a junkie…I have the worst seasonal allergies ever!!

Anyway, we had so much going on this weekend that it would take forever PLUS a day to write about it, so this post will be a little different.  I will show you instead of tell you, not sure how this will work, but if it completely sucks….well…it’s only one post…right??

First up was hair and makeup for the 8th grade dinner dance…

The finished product…..    

And then it was time for….THE DRESS.I LOVE this dress!!!

Ryleigh had the BEST time…the food was good and the dancing was great!!  Yay Ryleigh!

Saturday morning we had two things going on at the same time….woohoo…don’t you just love when that happens…good times, I tell ya….good times!  Liv was attending a Bat Mitzvah and Ryleigh was performing in her dance recital…..    


We pulled it off!!!   And by we, I mean me….Yay me!  No worries girls…you have the rest of your life to make it up to me!

Sunday morning it was off to church….one thing that  I love about our church is we can walk to it….it is so quaintI love it!  Most mornings after church, we walk to the general store for an early lunch…also quaint!
Before church, the girls gave Dan his Father’s Day gifts and cards.  Ryleigh and Olivia gave him chocolate-covered fruit with a homemade card and Talia gave him a picture, a cd ,with her reading about him, that she made in school and a hand-made card.   This is what she read……
So there you have it guys…..I am married to a man almost half my age and who weighs as much as my leg…..wootwoot!!
Because it was so crazy, my house now looks like this…..
                The pictures fail to do the mess justice….I don’t know about the rest of you, but my house being in this condition, veritably, makes me twitch!!

Not only is this a stressful time for me, with all of the kids’ activities and the end-of-the-school year mumbo-jumbo, it is busy for my husband , as well.  He is still finishing his school year, but he also tends to a very large garden, 120′ x 130′, roughly one-third of an acre, and as all of you gardeners know, planting schedules are demanding, at least, if you want to yield a crop.  Dan, my husband, also started and runs our town’s community garden, which has over 100 members and is truly an awe-inspiring network of people who come together each week to share in the work, sow the seeds and reap the benefits.  Again, he needs to be organized and timely with the gardens or the whole thing will be a waste and produce a whole lot of NOTHING.  I know that it is a trying time, so I give my best attempt at not harping.  HOWEVER….3 weeks of an unkept lawn is just pushing my buttons…. and so I HARPED and he, as any good man will and should do….MOWED!   Or so I thought!   I will allow you this are quite capable of craftiness when it suits your purpose.  My very sneaky husband mowed the front and the side lawns, the back…NOT SO MUCH!  Did he really think I wouldn’t notice the foot-high grass on the sides of his 4 foot wide path in the back yard leading  to my COVETED black raspberry bushes. MEN!!  Honey, I hate to break it to you, and I let it go yesterday, on account that it was Father’s Day, but as I was happily walking to my “zen moment” of picking and savoring the oh-so-yummy black raspberries, that you, so kindly, planted for me…..
 I discovered this (a 4 foot wide path through the foot high grass), eh eh, I don’t think so bud!!

Luckily for him….those black raspberry bushes gave me this (my zen-ness)….                                        

And so dear Husband…I will give you a by until tomorrow on the lawn!
 I would like to take the opportunity ( because that’s the kind of wife I am…caring, like that) to let you know that you received a by on leaving the kitchen table looking like so……
C’mon ladies…say it with me….RRRRRRRRR!

There was also time for a river adventure, I passed on this trip, although I did hike, a tad prematurely with my post-op, on Father’s Day!  The river trip was Dan, Talia and our nephew Will….
The exciting discovery of the day….was a …CRAYFISH!  
They were so thrilled with their new lil‘ friend UNTIL it clamped down tightly on Talia’s wee finger and she exclaimed, with despair from the betrayal of that lil‘ friend…..”COOK HIM!!”  
And so…the lil‘ friend became a lil’ snack….There was, once again, peace in the land…well….perhaps not for the crayfish, but for me…. and let’s be honest, isn’t that what matters the most…you know what they say…if momma ain’t happy, ain’t no one gonna be happy!

To finish the day, I made a very tasty meal (oven-baked clams with linguini…yum!)….Happy Father’s Day…..  
You can find the recipe at and search Spaghetti with Oven Baked Clams…easy recipe and oh do delicious!!   One STRONG suggestion I will make is to NOT use the TEN CLOVES OF GARLIC that the recipe calls for…. 2 or 3 will suffice, unless you are planning on staying  in your house for a few days.  I suspect that is how long it would take for the green-pig-pen-like-cloud-of-garlic stench, from using 10 cloves of garlic, to dissipate!  YIKES!

I found this on my kitchen table this morning… was the ONLY thing that I found on my kitchen table…my husband knows me pretty well….ha!
Sigh of relief that this weekend has come to a close.   We have 3 more days until our summer finally commences….wootwoot!!  I cannot wait!

I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend and All of you Dads out there had a chillaxing Father’s Day!