The June Crazies are winding down, BUT they sure are going out with a bang!!

This weekend’s schedule…

8th grade dinner dance.

Bat Mitzvah.

Dance recital.

Father’s Day

Oh, and did I mention the Renaissance Fair!?

Not to mention…hair, makeup, shopping for gifts and cards, pinning dresses and treating blisters from high-heels!  And all this will be executed on very little sleep, as I was awake most of the night from a shake-the-walls-of-your-house  thunder-storm…holy schnikeys!!! 

Come on June 27th….the day I leave to put my toes in the water and my arse in the sand….oh, and isn’t there a line about a drink in my hand….yay me!!  

My “Zen moment” came when I walked out the door this morning at 6:25 (have I mentioned how…I AM SO NOT A MORNING PERSON) to drive Olivia and her friend to set-up for the Renaissance Fair and saw this…..


Ahhhhhh....the sky parted and the Angels sang!  Black Raspberries are…well…just….MY MOST FAVORITE FRUIT EVER….I mean, I love them all….fruit, that is, but BLACK RASPBERRIES….YUM and ZEN  all mixed into one!  I snuck a few for the drive, came home and filled my little bowl and it made my day!!  Thanks to my husband for planting them for me!  They are the one fruit that I can NEVER find ANYWHERE (apology to my therapist, for once again using the word NEVER) and now I have them in MY very own back yard…wootwoot!!

What gives you a “zen moment??”  Think about it and name a few…that way when they come along, you will more easily recognize them and savour  it all the more.  A “zen moment” is described as a state of enlightened existence, contentment bordering on subtle excitement and truly living in the moment. 

Try to find a “zen moment”  for yourself in each day…it will help when life throws you into over-drive!!

And now I need to shaboogy on out of here and get busy preparing for all of this weekend’s festivities!  

Happy Father’s Day to all of you Daddy’s out there!

Enjoy your weekend!  Find your Zen…lol!