Wow…what a weekend!!  We had my nephew’s birthday party and Ryleigh made confirmation….good job Rye, you did great!

Monday, Talia and I had dentist appointments and I had my post-op check up, blood work and brought the dog to the groomers.  I know for sure that the June crazies are getting the best of me because ONE HOUR after dropping off Jack, our Bichon, to the groomers I came home and spent 45 FRANTIC minutes searching for the dog…..OH YEADUHH…he is at the groomers Lisa!!!  You know….the place that YOU just drove him to….shessh!!

Anyway, at 4 weeks post-op things are going well.  I still get tired easily and I am having a bit of a weight issue, hence the blood work, but all in all…my doctor said I am doing well.  She also said that a few of the symptoms…like my peeing problem, is a normal part of the healing process.  What peeing problem…you ask…well…when I sit to pee, it starts out okay, but then I stop going and I have to REPOSITION myself to initiate the rest to come out….hey you asked...kinda!  In any case…what used to be a 2 minute process has now become an EIGHT minute process and it is frustrating, to say the least!  The doctor explained to me that when they go in to do the hysterectomy…they first need to MOVE organs out-of-the-way….ewwwwww….TMI (too much information) Doc!!  As you can imagine, moving organs around makes them swell, which makes it challenging for the organ to function properly….swelling can take as much as 4 months to resolve….I was ever so thrilled to hear this, as we are leaving for NC in a week and a half and bladder problems will be such a lovely addition to an already horrific-awful-12-hour-ride with 3-whiney- fighting girls!!   YAY Me!!

I also learned that I have stitches inside, at the top of my hoohaw (i just hate the word vagina..issues, I know)!!   I didn’t even know there was a top of a hoohaw….I mean…I was always under the impression that it was one of those parts where what you see is what you get….apparently NOT…there is a top you a hoohaw inside and when a cervix is removed the hoohaw needs to be stitched close until it heals…poor little bunny!!   Upon internal examination…oh wait…did I mention that my doctor had an intern shadowing her….yep….a cute YOUNG intern, who stood front and center during my internal…wth dude….step off…anyway, upon examination, I was told that I still had stitches, so my body is healing, but EVER-SO-SLOWLY….memo to my bodyHURRY IT UP….slow doesn’t work well with 5 kids , a husband and a farm…just saying!!

The good news….my lab results were BENIGN!!  I have, actually  I had…because a hysterectomy cures this condition….Adenomyosis (ad-uh-no-my-O-sis) is a condition in which endometrial tissue, which normally lines the uterus, is present within and grows into the muscular walls of the uterus….this is what was causing my hemorrhaging every month.  I was relieved to learn that I did  not get my parts yanked out in haste….PHEW!  I am blessed to have my health and will have to remain steadfast in my attempt to let my body heal at its own pace….this is, at the moment, my greatest challenge.

I hope the June crazies are not overtaking your joy and zest for life, as they can often do….I swear June is becoming more hectic than December anymore.   One thing I try to do is to stay present and cognizant in each moment…let the to-do list be in the present time.  There is no sense in ruining the moment you are in with what is on the list to do next!  Take a deep breath when you are beginning to feel overwhelmed and remind yourself that the ONLY moment we are all guaranteed is the one we are presently in, and if that moment is unpleasant, take comfort in knowing that it will pass….just breathe and enjoy…life is short.

Have a great day everyone!!