Today was Talia’s Proud Day!  Woot woot!  Proud Day is a small celebration for kindergarten students and it was super cute!  I was very proud of Tal on Proud Day.  Of all of my children, Talia is my only child who suffers from extreme shyness.  Of course, when she is home around her family, she is anything BUT shy, however, in school and new situations, she becomes very clingy and shy.   To help her,  I have put her in situations, purposefully (no, not to torture her), that would force her to learn coping skills and ways to overcome her shyness, such as gymnastic class etc.

 She had 2 concerts at school this year, and while, she did stand on the stage and sing, if you count looking down and contorting her mouth in such a way to make it look like she was NOT singing!  In any case, it is always somewhat painful for me to witness and enjoy ,when I know how awful it is for her.  She literally caves into herself….she slouches her shoulders forward and down, crunching her belly together, she truly wants to physically disappear, as a mom, it just breaks your heart to see your child suffer, no matter the source of their angst.

Proud Day, however, brought about a whole NEW Talia…..yay!  She woke up really early, on her own, dressed herself….a skirt, a pastel t-shirt AND cute white, very girly, SANDALS….appreciate this as much as , the President of the United States interrupting a previously scheduled program and declaring, with solid proof ,that WORLD PEACE has been acheived….yep, Talia dressed in such a way is THAT BIG!!  (I know it probably doesn’t look like much to brag about, but this is fancy for Tal!)....

She was ready to go to school for Proud day 20 minutes ahead of schedule AND even allowed me a picture...woohoo!  We encountered a small set-back when we realised it was gym day and it took several minutes convincing her that she ,would in fact, be allowed to change from her sandals into her socks and sneakers or vice versa…phew, narrowly escaped that train wreck.  Talia’s teacher did inform me that as the class was headed  to the cafeteria for their performance that Talia had LEFT HER BLACK SOCKS ON WITH HER SANDALS….ugh….HUGE pet peeve of mine….HUGE….DISASTOR OF EPIC PROPORTION IN MY BOOK….yes, I have issues, haven’t we covered that already…sheesh!  No worries, her teacher saved the day and helped to remove the BLACK socks (I mean…black socks and white sandals, there is zero chance of  pretending you don’t see that combination)…..I was blissfully and thankfully unaware of the entire sandal catastrophe….yay me!   Talia did a great job!  She stood up nice and tall, sang withoutcontorting her mouth, smiled, executed ALL of the hand motions and dance moves AND….hold onto your hats…she stepped up to the microphone, ALONE, and told the audience what goal she was proud of achieving in kindergarten…..YOU GO GIRL!!  She declared that she was proud that she could count to 100…I was all…good to know because whenever I ask her to count to 100 she say….1,2, skip a few, 99, 100…weisenheimer!!!

I got all choked up, not because my baby is leaving kindergarten, as the other mother’s were…..hello….5th kid!!    I am joyful over not having to do the kindergarten thing anymore, cute as it is….I am done…woohoo!!   My tears were a profoundly, deep joy in recognizing and relishing in what a difficult challenge she has begun to overcome at such a tender age.  I love these moments of parenthood…love, love, love them!!  When you watch your child step out of their insecurities, find their footing with courage and amaze , not only you, but more importantly themselves!!  

Good job Talia!!!  Mommy is so proud of you on Proud Day!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!