Talia, my 6-year-old kindergartener, officially has school-year-burn-out…sheesh…I don’t have the heart to tell her how many more school years she has in her life….poor thing!  It’s not that she doesn’t like school….she is just burnt out and who can blame her?  I am burnt out…it is time for summer vacation! Waking up at the crack of dawn (she likes her sleep), enduring a long, hot bus ride, staying at school for a mere two hours and then, once again, hopping on that hot, long school bus ride home….hardly seems worth it to me, this half-day kindergarten business, and I am guessing she shares my opinion on the whole situation, although we have never discussed it ( it’s not the kind of thing you tell your child…”hey sweetie, mommy thinks this whole half day school thing is a crock”).  She begins each school day with “Mom how many more days until I have a day off?”  Translation….when is the friggin WEEKEND MOM?   I know that, without dispute, she has succumbed to the I am so sick of this school thing mentality because…well, today she almost went to school  HALF NAKED!  She came into my room with her shirt on….NOTHING ELSE,  I do mean NOTHING….and proceeded to ask me if we could pick out her clothes for tomorrow (uh Tal…do you think you might, first want to pick some out for TODAY… just sayin’).  It is Proud Day at school tomorrow and they are supposed to look nice.  I decided I would not mention her blazing white hiny and see how long it would take her to notice that she was only HALF DRESSED!

We picked out her clothes for tomorrow, came downstairs, packed her snacks and her water bottle, chose breakfast and it was not until she sat that bare hiny of hers on the cool kitchen chair that she exclaimed, with horror and reproach, “Mom, I don’t have any shorts on!”   I responded with a coy “Uh huh.”    She bellowed  “When were you going to tell me, I can’t believe my OWN mom would let me walk around the WHOLE house like this!  Who lets their own kid go to school like this, MOM?!”    And then she added  “That isn’t a very nice mommy thing to do!”

I wish you could hear her accent and deep-toned voice, but here is what her expression looked like (this is an old photo, but you get the idea)…..HA!