To do or not to do…that is the question.  So….what is the answer?  An unfortunate, resounding…NO!! (sigh )   Here I am at week 3, post surgery and I have to tell you that I feel really good, but I am still not 100% and again, it is so frustrating!  It is a crazy busy time of year and to be less than 100% is aggravating, to say the least.  Now…trust me when I tell you that I am NOT forgetting to count my blessings and I am thankful everyday for my health.  Having said that, however….well…let’s just say….I am not the world’s best patient!

I have a list of stuff to do today and I am feeling wiped out….EXHAUSTED with a capital E….well…a capital all of the letters.  What’s a girl to do?  Heed the warnings of friends, family and my body OR ignore the warnings and get the list done?   Admittedly, shocking to myself, as well as you, I will heed the warnings!  Perhaps, not happily, but I will HEED!   Heed, heed , heed…what a dumb word!   Why will I heed….any of you that know me can attest to the fact that I am generally NOT a HEEDER, but the reality is this….I could finish my list today, BUT…guess what….there will be ANOTHER list tomorrow…and the day after that…and so on and so on.  The other truth about to-do-lists is that even when there is a time constraint…they still ALWAYS get done… okay, maybenot ALWAYS  (had to clarify that on the off-chance that my therapist would read this and become severely depressed over the fact that she didn’t successfully teach me to omit always and never from my vocabulary.  I say…they are good words, especially when you are fired up about something) but when they are not completed….you, very often, will find that it just didn’t matter anyway!  This is what I tell myself on days, like today, days that I am not feeling so great.  My body is screaming for rest and come hell or high water, I will give it the rest it hollers for….now where did I put those shackles…KIDDING!!   The irony of the shackle comment, though, is that I do have to mentally shackle myself….sigh!  

My husband, who likes to point out that he is a Doctor…and I am  all….yea of CHEMISTRY….. anyway…he says “Lis, you just had an organ yanked from your body (doesn’t he sound so professional?), so your body is going to spend a while in shock before it moves onto the business of recovering and when it gets to the business of recovering you’re going to be tired.”   He actually says this a little more sensitively, but it’s my blog and I will write it how I want to…so huh!  As much as I hate to admit it….and here’s one for the record books…HE IS RIGHT (ouch that hurt)!!  By the middle of , even a good day, my body aches.  Aches in the places around where my uterus used to be….it makes sense that the muscles around that area are healing and this would cause pain and fatigue….and so….I will rest!

Since there is no logical way to segment into my next topic (which will be short and sweet)…I will just go there!  I have BarelyThere cotton underwear, in every color, LOVE THEM!  They are super comfy, probably because they feel like they are Barely There…ha!   In any case, I discovered…to my absolute horror….that they have been discontinued…..why do companies do that?  All I can find in the Barely There collection now is lycra….rrrr…I want my comfy BarelyThere cotton, thank you very much!

Needless to say, I have been on the hunt…yes an underwear hunt….for the last year and I cannot find ones that even compare (open to suggestions).  It hasn’t been a travesty because, as I mentioned, I have them in EVERY color!  I ask you, though….what’s a girl to do when she comes to realise that her fave undies EVER are all getting thread-bare and RIPPING??  I will tell you what a girl does…she does the ONLY thing that makes ANY logical sense….she throws herself onto her bed in painstaking despair and cries out….WHY, OH WHY DO THE UNDERWEAR GODS TORTURE ME SO and WHY, OH WHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR ( uh huh…Lisa World)!   Can a girl not get a break, I ask you?   Because I have NOTHING else to do……so let’s just add HUNT FOR NEW UNDERWEAR to the list!!

I hope you all have a very productive day today, while I retire to the couch.

Sheesh, sigh and rrrrrrr!!!