Man…June is so BUSY!!!!  I hate to wish my life away, but when June rolls around each year, I find it is exactly what I do!  My calendar is so full for the month of June that I couldn’t write one more thing on it if I tried, I actually have 2 calendars going, which is a HUGE MISTAKE!!  I have an orthodonist appointment for Olivia on two different days this week ( I will let you know how that plays out)…yep…June makes me lose my mind…well…it makes me lose what’s left of my mind, anyway!  Couple a very busy calendar with an unpresedented exhaustion, which I am assuming is still post-surgical and… well…I am in no condition to be anything other than….SLEEPING!!   I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I am this busy I tend to get a little paranoid and…not to mention….a wee bit, shall wee say….. CRANKY!!  Paranoia, of course, sets in the moment my head hits my pillow at night, NO MATTER HOW EXHAUSTED I AM….my mind begins to recall my to-do list for the next day and searches for a place to stick in the ones I didn’t get to accomplish…sheesh.

I find myself counting down to the last day of school with more vigor and excitement then that of my children.  I also LOVE when my kids come home and throw some last-minute thing on the list.  It is usually something small…..5 dollars for a teacher’s gift, a pool party or you know….chicken enchiladas for the mexican fiesta in spanish classTOMORROW!!!  Hello!!!…McFly….???  The best part is when they look at me…all hyperventilating and screaming, skull parting and lasers shooting from my eyes into their stomachs….with that look…you know the one…they look at me like I am the crazy one!   It is in these moments that, I not only, find myself wishing away June, but I also long….drift away in a daydream for a second…about the day I can witness my grandchildren inflicting upon my children what they inflict upon me…HA!

Life is crazy and I hate when I let it overwhelm me and steal my peace.  I am, however getting better at reining myself back in….10 years ago it would have taken me quite a while before I would take a breath, center myself, find the humor and the joy and gain perspective , whereas now, I can rein myself in…almost daily…EXCEPT FOR JUNEOIY!   It takes me a couple of days to remember the reining of my humor and joy, but hey…baby steps right??!!

Today…this is how I will gain my perspective…my life is a tad crazy at the moment, BUT, hey….at least I am NOT the dumbass from the Bachelorette who thought it was a good idea to go for laughs and ROAST the girl he is trying to win over…DUUUHHH!!  I am at peace and feel great joy that only my kids see my pyscho-why-is-mom-in-the-corner-humming-to-herself meltdowns….MILLIONS of people just saw William roast Ashley…dumb move dude, dumb move!  Good luck finding your joy and peace William…lol!!!  And yes… I AM A BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE JUNKIE!   Hello, my name is Lisa and I am fool enough to keep tuning in, season after season, to watch people find their soul mate and one true love on a reality show that ABC producers script and edit to their liking…..WHAT’S YOUR POINT??  

Have a good day!  Take a breath and keep you mind clear among the busyness!