GOOD MORNING!!  What a weekend I had.  I hope all of you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend, for the most part, I did!  I was super excited to have a long weekend….I was growing tired of being the task master and bossing everyone around….hard to imagine, I know…but it is true just the same.  Can you believe at week 2 post-op, my family is still doing laundry and mopping for me WITHOUT complaint?  Me either!  Today marks a milestone in my recovery…I can drive…wootwoot and resume light activity…yay me!!  

So, as I said, I had high hopes about the weekend…it would be the first time EVERYONE could chill and I would try my darndest to not be up their butts about the  house and the chores.  We had enough leftovers and a lasagna to get us through AND we had all the makings for s’mores….what else do you really need in life?  Funny thing about s’mores for me is, I am not big fan of the graham cracker…I like smores with just Hershey’s chocolate and a toasty, gooey, melted marshmallow…yum!  Side-thought…how about Hershey…right?  That has to be one of the best all-time power moves, in terms of advertising…I mean who buys anything BUT Hershey bars for their s’mores ( if you do, please refrain from admitting this and from ruining my point…ha!)….they really wrapped up the all time number one summa-time treat for eternity!  In any case, we had all the provisions for a Memorial Day weekend extravaganza….that is UNTIL….

Until Olivia woke up Saturday morning with the stomach bug.  Rrrrrrrrrrrrr.  I will admit that, even though I felt terrible for her, I could not muster up the strength or empathy to help her out…I wanted her AWAY from me (love you Liv)…because I DID NOT WANT THE STOMACH BUG!!  So….I decided to take a trip to Wal-Mart with Dan and Talia and then Mrs. Infectious, who was apparently feeling MUCH better by the time we left for Wal-Mart decided to tag along…if I had one lying around, believe me…I would have masked her…haha!  And so this would be the first day, day 10 post-op, that I would put on proper clothes and leave the house…this very day….this very hot, humid, sticky day…sigh….can you say  BAD IDEA!!??   Between my visions of Olivia being encompassed by this greenish cloud of germs ( for the record, I am not a germ-phobe) that was quietly chanting Lisa, Lisa, Lisa and my discomfort of being…uh…shall we say uncomfortably HOT,  I was also experiencing sensory overload and my clothing was irritating my incisions in a BIG way!   For the previous mentioned reasons, combined with Dan’s  loud singing of Johnny Cash, as we entered a very crowded Wal-Mart, I think it is completely understandable that I wanted to strip down naked and find  a corner of Wal-Mart where I could curl into a ball and rock back and forth, suck my thumb and hey, maybe play with my DISTORTED bellybutton!!  I know my sanity is still intact because, even though, I have these disturbing thoughts…my rationale to think things through….to see myself being hand-cuffed by police…naked…sucking my thumb…to see the looks on my children’s faces and realize…you know what Lisa….it’s probably a better choice to stay dressed and NOT find a corner and NOT suck your thumb or play with your bellybutton.  And so you see, my friends….I am completely SANE!  There was only one other moment while in Wal-Mart where I had to talk myself down from hitting a young adult male, one of Dan’s former students, who was loudly and obnoxiously finding it hysterical that we were about to purchase 4 fans.  I mean…what the heck buddy…not everyone has air-conditioning and so the next logical thing to do is buy a lot of fans…no??  What a colossal ass!!  Admittedly, I was cranky, but I am quite sure I would have found this young,immature,rude,loud, adult to be a colossal ass even if I my sense of humor had been intact!

Fast forward and hour or so, I am in my comfy non-proper clothes, I have a milk-shake in hand and a new fan blowing air my way…life is good!   The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxing, we had a campfire each night and I was un-phased by the marshmallows that had melted, been chilled and now wouldn’t roast right AND I talked myself down from the thoughts that the campfire had it out for me…every single time I moved my chair to be out of the direction of the smoke, the wind shifted and the campfire started blowing smoke AT ME again!  All in all, despite feeling like I had been hit by the proverbial bus after my Wal Mart outing, it was good!   I was still happy to see the kids go back to school come Tuesday, as I am still needing much rest…this exasperates me to no end, by the way, I am very frustrated with the snails-paced recovery.  I was looking forward to resting and starting my next book, The Help.  I just finished The Heretic’s Daughter, which I recommend if you are a reader.  I would say it is historical-fiction and is about the Salem Witch Trials…very interesting and easy read.  Unfortunately, I never got around to starting my book…why you ask….BECAUSE I WAS TOO BUSY PUKING AND DRY HEAVING ALL DAY!!!   Oh and did I mention popping a stitch…yep…good times people…good times.

Halleluiah…today is Wednesday…I am well…I can drive and I can resume light activity!!  Don’t worry though, I will take it easy, I want to continue FORWARD motion…I am not a huge fan of 5 steps forward 3 giant steps back.

The only other thing I wanted to discuss was expectations.  I have already written a lot today….so…I will leave you with a thought to ponder and then share my thoughts on it tomorrow.  I was wondering about expectations…I had expectations about how I wanted the weekend to go and although, the things I have written about would have STILL been unpleasant, I was thinking that they would not have been as unpleasant had  I not thrust my expectations onto the heap.  Did that make sense?  We all do it…we think about how our weekend will be, our vacation will go…we put BIG expectations on our lives.  And somehow….life, more often than not, falls short of the glory of our expectation.  Not only does expectation cause us to be disappointed when we experience the event, it also pulls us out of our present moment.  Instead of being present in the momentt we are currently living, we are thinking about the future experience and then, when we are in the moment we had thought about…we compare the moment to our past expectation for that particular moment, which then takes us away from or out of the present moment.  Our culture lives on/by expectations.  We cause ourselves great stress and feelings of inadequacy by being in, an almost, constant state of expectation…why do we do this to ourselves, our friends and family…our children?

Anyway…just a thought…my brain is continually thinking…and I do mean CONTINUALLY!!  When I was a kid, my brain would go for hours in circular reasoning/questioning. For example..why is the sky blue and who decided it was BLUE and who decided that blue was blue, who named a tree a tree, why isn’t a tree a bird…you see my torture now?!   LOL!

Have a great day everyone...I’M GOING DRIVING!!