Hello Everyone!

I have had this website now since January, but clearly have not been writing for the typical reasons……KIDS and LIFE = BUSY!!  However, last Wednesday I underwent surgery and NOW and for the next several weeks….I HAVE NOTHING BUT TIME!

There are so many things I would love to write about, so much that it can debilitate me to the point of not writing anything at all.  So I have decided that for right now I will write about my recovery and continue from there…

As I mentioned, I had surgery….a partial hysterectomy to be precise, which means I no longer have my uterus or my cervix, but my ovaries are intact…woot woot.  Many women undergo this surgery and thankfully the medical field has made extraordinary strides with procedures, but it is still considered major surgery.  Surgery went great…no complications and it took an hour less than what had been anticipated….GO DOCTOR!!  YAY ME!!  I spent the night in the hospital….a looong excruciating night, at the risk of sounding dramatic.  I had never experienced pain like I experienced that night.  It was apparently pain from the gas that they blow your body up with, in order to properly REMOVE organs….who knew.   They also do this for women who have C – sections.  I have a whole new admiration for you ladies who have sections…..my goodness…what pain!  I could NOT find a comfortable position, nor could I find a position that in any way gave me the slightest relief from the pain.  I had a wonderful nurse and we muttled through the night.  It took about 2/3 days before that pain alleviated, but it did.  I am now 5 days post-op and my physical pain seems to be within, what I would describe as, normal.  My incisions are tender, but not horribly painful.  My back aches and body aches, but again, I think it falls under what you would expect after having parts of you removed.

And so…for now…my home seems to be running like a well oiled machine.  I am able to get myself up without assistance.  Ryleigh and Olivia are taking care of the house quite nicely…laundry is getting done, even folded and put away (I mean , I don’t even put it away…HA!), my kitchen is relatively…well…SPOTLESS, except for those monstrous black ANTS….Rrrrrrrrr and my husband is handling the grocery shopping.  I have had wonderful friends deliver home-cooked meals almost daily, which has been yummy.  And so…I am left to recover.  It’s funny how when you are the primary care-taker all you want is to just sit…just for a few minutes…to just sit and breathe and maybe watch some mindless television or read a book and then when all you are supposed to do it sit…well…it becomes the VERY LAST thing that you wish to do!  It is difficult to recover, to sit and watch things being done all around you.  This is challenging for me, but what I am finding is that it is necessary.   I cannot  drive for 2 weeks…ugh…5 kids and no driving…yea have fun with that Lisa!  I cannot lift anything over  8 – 10 ponds and I am supposed to limit, if not eliminate bending as much as possible….uh, HELLO….mom here…mom with 5 kids….challenging is understatement, BUT I am determined to do it…come along for the ride if you wish and watch, er read… as this challenge unfolds.  It will be interesting, I promise.

I will leave this post with what I was not expecting….I was NOT expecting to have “the blues.”   As I mentioned, my ovaries are intact and my doctor, who I love, says I should not be experiencing a hormonal shift, but I find that difficult to believe.  My uterus and I have been through a lot together….after all, it has given me 5 healthy children, however early they came (all were preemies) they are now all healthy!  My uterus has let me down and I have lost babies…we have been through a lot.  Now, I am not feeling sad that it is gone….I am CLEARLY DONE having/wanting/needing more kids and to be honest…for the last 1.5 years my uterus has been nothing but a HUMONGOUS-PAIN-IN-THE-ASS…hence the surgery.   By the way, as a side note, I did try an ablation first and it was unsuccessful.  In any case, I am not feeling an emotional connection or disconnect over it being out of my body, BUT I would love to know why, as of 3pm yesterday, I do nothing but SOB!!!  It is the kind of sobbing that reminds me distinctly of the time, right after I had delivered my first baby,  Erin.  She was healthy, despite being a month early.  I was healthy.  And I was recovering for a week at my parents, so I had help.   In any event, I was doing good, feeling good, happy.  That is….until I went to the bathroom, probably about 4 days post birth and discovered that SOMEONE HAD REMOVED MY PERI BOTTLE FROM THE BATHROOM!!  Well, you would have thought someone had just stolen my precious new baby….I sobbed the most NOT human sob….ever…uncontrollably….for a REALLY LOOONG time.  That is what happened to me yesterday at 3pm on my couch.

Today, I called the doctor, who assured me that it was probably a post-surgical reaction…anethesia can do that to people and probably not anything to do with my parts being taken out….huh?!!  I disagree.  I feel that the female reproduction system is just that…a system and yanking out just one or two opposed to all of it, is still going to alter its operation and function, at least temporarily.  I will keep you posted on this part of the recovery, for now, I will continue with my incessant blubbering for no apparent reason.  In between said blubbering, I will find the humor and do my best to ride the wave…..sigh.

To be continued…..

Oh and sorry for any guys who decided to read this one….look at it this way…you are becoming an educated man who will be able to use this to your advantage.   If the woman your with ever has to go through this…you could come off as “understanding, all-knowing and hey work it guys…mix in some sympathy, empathy and compassion and who knows what rewards you may reap.”